Wholesale Car Insurance

wholesale car insurance
In recent years, people have been getting great deals by joining discount retailing clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. Even though there is always a paid membership that’s required, customers more than make up for the cost by getting great deals on everything from appliances to peanuts. As the popularity of these clubs has risen, so have the offerings made available to customers. Some of the more popular retailers have moved into providing wholesale car insurance to members, with great deals that most national carriers can’t match.

All the retail clubs offer auto insurance via third party partnerships. They then provide cheaper car insurance by negotiating bulk insurance discounts. The perks come through special discounted automobile rates and special savings that are hard to match with traditional insurers. While this type of auto insurance program might not be right for you, it is wise to study it and see if you could benefit from switching.

Here are some popular options you should consider if you already are a member or plan on becoming a shopping club customer.

Costco Insurance

Costco is the biggest membership based retailing club in the world. The company offers Costco car insurance through a partnership
with Ameriprise. Once you go to Costco’s main website, you will need to scroll down to insurance and select auto and home. You will be redirected to Ameriprise and if you are a certified member, qualify for cheap rates. Costco auto and home insurance can help you save even more money by bundling. If you own a home and a vehicle, you can get special rates if you combine your policies. Costco home insurance can help you get a cheaper policy and save time with one easy bill. Costco executive members can even be eligible for additional benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, which provides added peace of mind. Here are a few more advantages of the Costco auto insurance program.

* Safe Driver Discounts
* Multiple car policy Discounts
* Auto repair shop of your choice
* Flood Coverage
* Identity protection that’s included with Homeowners coverage

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In addition to Costco auto insurance, the firm offers dental plans, health care coverage and life insurance. The life insurance is sold through protective.com, and members can get wholesale life insurance rates on term life insurance. Costco health insurance offers low healthcare rates for individuals and employees. There is knowledgeable staff available during normal business hours to assist you with any questions, including policy and claim support. Cost-co Insurance programs are not available in all 50 states, so get your free quote today to see if you qualify.

Sam’s Club Insurance

Sam’s Club is a late entry into insurance, but they have a new partnership with Aetna that offers members a private healthcare network exchange. The health ins exchange offers coverage for both individuals and business owners who have two or more employees. The benefits include:

* HMO and PPO Insurance coverage

* Add-ons for spouses and dependents

* Medicare plans

* Custom options for personalized coverage

* Dedicated customer support and online bill pay

Sam’s Club health insurance is not offered in all 50 states; however, the retailer is working to expend its insurance nationally in the coming years. One of the benefits of getting Sam’s Club healthcare is you can fill your prescription at any of the convenient Wal- Mart stores. You can also get additional savings by shopping for healthcare items at both stores. In the future, you will no doubt see Sam’s Club car insurance, probably through a partnership with AutoInsurance.com, which the parent company Wal-mart has recently partnered with.

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