Volvo Car Insurance

volvo car insurance
Year after year, Volvo is one of the cheapest cars to insure. One of the main reasons is the companies intense commitment to safety. This devotion to building safe cars goes all the way back to the firm’s founders, back in Sweden decades ago. This commitment to engineering super secure cars has saved so many lives all over the world for almost 90 years. Another great thing is Volvo car insurance rates tend to be some of the cheapest of any brand. Each year, companies like Bankrate put out the top 10 least expensive vehicles to insure. Almost every year Volvo makes the list and some years comes in the top 3. Get your free Volvo auto insurance quote online with good to go insurance today.

Beyond safety, these quality automobiles are engineered to last. In fact, the name Volvo means in Latin “I roll.” After the financial crisis, the Chinese conglomerate Geely purchased the company. So far the Chinese have not made any major changes and have even stepped up their efforts to build safer vehicles. Currently, the models in production include the larger v60 – V70 – V80 and the smaller V40. Each of these automobiles is built like tanks and perform well in virtually every crash test.

Why is Volvo Car Insurance Cheap?

The main reason why these cars are cheaper than so many others is the safety engineered. Quite simply, Volvo’s save lives and that means insurers have to pay out lower claims for deaths and avoid expensive court costs. Also, people are less critically injured when driving these automobiles, and that saves the insurance companies big bucks in lower medical payouts. Think about it for a second. If you get “T-Boned” in a small Dodge, with a 30 MPH impact, you might end up going to the hospital for weeks, if you are lucky enough to be still alive.

Your insurer will have to pay out massive medical costs. Now, the same accident scenario in Volvos might cause minor injury or a few days in the hospital. So it is a numbers game. Automobile insurance companies have vast amounts of data on every vehicle and crash costs to date for every model. Volvo cars are cheaper to insure, because, the claims are lower than any other auto. It is that simple. So not only are you getting a superb car that is fun to drive and will last a long time but a safer car that costs less to insure. Get your free on-line quote with good to go insurance company and compare up to 10 rates on-line.

Volvo predicts Death Free car by 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to get into a car and not worry about dying in it? Well, that is what Volvo is trying to deliver to customers in just a few years. The manufacturer predicts that by 2020, no-one driving their cars will die or even get seriously hurt. That is an incredible statement, but can they do it?

It seems these amazing engineers believe they can achieve this. There are a few new models in the U.S that have recorded no vehicular deaths to date. One model, the XC90 already has a fantastic safety record. From 2009 through 2012 not one USA fatality has been registered. Now the Swedish designers want to engineer each vehicle to be “free of death.”

The breakthrough technology that will allow this is autonomous driving automobiles. Cars that are built for safety and driven by computers, in theory, should not ever get into accidents. If for some strange reason they do, the numerous safe features built-in will prevent death for all the passengers. While this is a bold statement, it should be noted that other manufacturers like Mercedes and even Google are aiming at the same goal of “self-driving” cars that prevent deaths.

Get the Cheapest Volvo Car Insurance Online

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