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Valdosta good to go insuranceA classic all-American town bordering on the Florida state line is Valdosta Georgia, with a population of about 54,000 residents. This beautiful southern city is famous for its southern hospitality and love of sports. In fact, Valdosta has the most successful and winningest high school football team in the country.

Besides football, residents love their cars and relatively cheap gas prices. However, if you drive any automobile in Valdosta or the state of Georgia, you must have valid auto insurance. However, unlike almost all other states, Georgia does not require drivers to show proof of an insurance I.D card when pulled over by law enforcement.

Valdosta Good to go Insurance – Liability Insurance Requirements

In Valdosta as well as in all other cities in GA, all drivers operating motor vehicles are required to keep liability automobile insurance. This mandated coverage pays for damages or bodily harm you may inflict on other people as a consequence of an automobile accident. Prior to legally registering any vehicle in Valdosta, you must demonstrate proof of the states minimum liability insurance to receive your valid vehicle registration.

All GA vehicles must meet the following minimum insurance policy coverage:

Bodily injuries – liability amounts:
* $25,000 for each person
* $50,000 for multiple persons involved in an incident

Property damage:
* $25,000 for each accident or incident.

Valdosta GA Auto Insurance options

Remember that the state minimums are just that, the “bare bones” amounts needed to be in compliance with the state’s insurance laws. To adequately insure your vehicle, you should carefully consider adding additional coverage to your policy including:

1. Collision coverage – This coverage is crucial as it covers damages inflicted on your vehicle as a result of an accident. Especially important to get if you have a car that is worth more than $8,000. If you don’t carry this optional coverage, you could end up paying for repairs to your vehicle out of pocket or even worse, paying to replace your vehicle after a total loss accident.

2. Comprehensive – This will pay for almost any type of damage done to your automobile that did not result from an accident. Frequent claims are fires, vandalism, and flood damage. If you want complete GA auto ins, comprehensive insurance will cost you a bit more but give you complete protection.

3. Uninsured motorist – Due to the high cost of insurance and a sluggish economy. More and more people are taking the risk and forgoing insurance altogether, which has increased the risk of all drivers getting into accidents with these lawless drivers. Uninsured motorist coverage will protect you when the other person involved in a crash does not carry any insurance.

Two important things:
1- If you are considering leasing a vehicle in GA.
2- Or taking out a bank loan to buy one.

Remember that the leasing or financing company will require you to purchase, in most cases, both collision and comprehensive car ins, to protect their investment. Get a free Georgia auto insurance quote today and find the best policy at fantastic rates.

GA Proof of Car Insurance
Georgia is a bit unique from other states because if you are pulled over, an insurance I.D. card will not be accepted as proof of ins. All government officials are performing verification instead use the Georgia (GEICS) Electronic Insurance Compliance System to verify valid automobile insurance.

When you buy Valdosta car ins, your insurer has the responsibility of notifying the “GEICS” system and registering you legally. Even when you are registered in the state system, make sure you double check that all of your vehicle and personal info is correct. If not, immediately contact your insurer and get the proper information updated.

When your insurance is canceled due to any reason, your insurer will report your change in status to both the Georgia Registration and Title information System or “GRATIS” as well as the GEICS database. If you are caught operating a vehicle in Valdosta GA without valid car insurance, you will be fined and may even face suspension of your license. You will then not be able to renew or get new coverage until all of your ins fines are paid in full.

Good To Go Car Insurance Rates inĀ Valdosta

There are many factors that go into determining your car insurance rates in Valdosta, Georgia with Good To Go Auto Insurance Company. Some of the most common include:

* Your driving history including tickets and accidents. If you have serious infractions like a DUI on your record, you can expect to pay a lot more for GA auto insurance.
* Your credit history. If you have great credit, that translates into an instant discount. However, if you have poor credit scores, you can expect to pay more for your automobile coverage in Georgia.
* All accident claims you have filed in the past.
* Your sex. Yes, it is true, women pay a bit less for car insurance.
* Your zip code area.
* The make, year and model of your vehicle.
* Marital status.

Valdosta Auto Insurance Discounts with goodtogoinsurance

* Discounts of 10% or more are available for safe drivers with a clean driving record.
* Military members or vets can qualify for discounts of 5% or more with most insurers.
* AARP membership discounts.
* Bundling home and car insurance can get you discounts of up to 15%.

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