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uninsured motorist coverageEven though you might be a responsible driver and have always carried personal auto insurance, did you ever stop to think for a minute that the drivers around you might be totally uninsured? The reality is about 1 in 7 cars (Insurance Research Council) on the road today are driven by uninsured motorists. There are many reasons why drivers do not get coverage, with the top one typically being financial limitations. Some people just do not have an extra $100 or more monthly to pay for auto insurance.

Other more serious issues, such as a DUI, can make getting affordable auto insurance nearly impossible. During the recent financial crisis, many people lost their jobs and consequently dropped their automobile insurance altogether. Even though driving without insurance is against the law, some people just can’t afford it and take the risk each and every day by doing so.

So what do these drivers mean to you? If you are ever in an accident and hit by an uninsured driver, you might have a massive bill forced on you for repairs done to your vehicle. Many people that get basic liability car insurance take the risk that in the event of an accident the other party will have adequate insurance. If you have this cheap coverage and hit a driver who is uninsured, you could be forced to repair or even replace your vehicle with your own funds.

If you only have liability coverage, you probably do not have the financial ability to pay for thousands in repair fixes. You can always go to court and sue the other driver but often times they will not have any money, and a judgment, in that case, is basically useless.

Get Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Drivers who do not carry any insurance is becoming such a big problem throughout the US that lawmakers have begun enacting laws to combat the issue head-on. Many states now mandate uninsured motorist coverage for all automobile insurance policies. While some consumers might complain that these new mandates are too costly, these initiatives really help those involved in expensive accidents involving uninsured drivers pay for costs associated with repairs and bodily injury.

In states that do not have these insurance laws, drivers should strongly consider getting uninsured insurance protection. This coverage will pay for damages done to your car and property, resulting from an accident involving another party that does not have car insurance. Although this added protection is a little more expensive, it can save you thousands in the event you hit one of these drivers. More importantly, this protection will give you peace of mind on the road.

Uninsured Coverage

If you are in an accident and hit an uninsured driver, your “UM” insurance will not only cover you but also your passengers for
the following:

1. Medical costs
2. Lost income
3. Pain & suffering resulting from the accident

Most policies will also cover you if you are struck by a hit and run driver. States that have mandated UM limits are usually adequate amounts. However, if you purchase UM insurance in a non-mandated state, make sure you select a high amount and not just the minimum. This is important because accidents are becoming more and more expensive, and a low coverage limit might leave you paying for part of the accident bill.

Also, take a look at split limits when buying your policy. Usually, your UM policy limits will be divided into two or split limits, as it is typically called. This means that your policy will change if just one person is hurt verses several persons injured.

A typical split coverage will look like:
* $15,000 for injuries and death, each person.
* $30,000 in total for injuries sustained or death related to the accident.

It is important to also look at combined single limit options. This pays just one set amount for all the injuries resulting from an accident, which is typically $30,000.

Another important option that is not mandated by states is uninsured motorist property damage coverage that provides enhanced protection to drivers. This coverage is not offered in every state, but if it is you should really consider getting it added onto your policy. This UMPD optional coverage will pay for property damage that occurs in the event you are hit by an uninsured driver.

If a driver for example hit your house in an accident, your fence or wall, or even damaged an expensive laptop computer, UMPD insurance will kick in and pay for those damages. With the cost of property repairs and replacement so high these days, it is a wise choice purchasing this added level of coverage.

Uninsured Motorists Insurance Quotes

You can find great plans with really low rates by getting free online quotes for UM insurance. Make sure you get at least 10 quotes so you can compare rates from a large base of carriers. Also, make sure you take advantage of any discounts you qualify for and save even more. Get your free quote today and save on uninsured insurance coverage.