Top 10 things your Car Insurance company won’t tell you


When you’re in an accident


1-   If you’re ever in a major accident, it’s better to hire a Lawyer even when we will tell you it’s not necessary

If you’re ever in a major accident most insurance company representatives will tell you that you do not need a lawyer. Insurance companies know an attorney generally will get you a larger settlement. Insurance companies are a business to make money and hate to pay any back. This is a way for them to lower payouts and save money.

There is a perception that hiring an attorney means your case is more likely to go to trial. In reality, less than five percent of vehicle crash/accident cases ever end up at trial, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. If the insurance company knows that you and your lawyer are ready for a trial, they will often be motivated to pay more and settle more quickly.

While an insurance company may not tell you all your rights and the financial resolutions that could be available to you after a crash, it is your attorney’s obligation to inform you

2. Don’t really wait for an offer from us before hiring an attorney.

There is no law that says you must wait for the insurance company before contacting an attorney. Within days of the crash, the insurance company is going to want to record your statements, access your medical release forms and gather other facts and evidence in your case.

It’s wise to safeguard your interests by having an attorney represent you as soon as possible. Without acting early, information an attorney might use to benefit your claim may be unavailable or lost by the time you seek help.

When looking for legal representation, look for a firm that guarantees that you will receive more money — even after fees are deducted — than any amount previously offered from an insurance adjuster or they waive collecting any fee.

3 – We will surely offer you a low Replacement Value if your car is totaled, so keep a current maintenance history of your car to dispute our claims

If your car is ever deemed totaled after an accident, it is your insurance companies responsibility to pay you enough money to purchase an equivalent car. Unfortunately the amount they are willing to pay is usually much less than prices you will find available or is listed in the car value rating services. The insurance companies will use their own formulas or quotes from a dealer which is not always accurate. They use excuses like your mileage, condition and repairs. It is best to keep a current maintenance history of the vehicle to dispute their claims.

4 – We have always said your policy will cover vehicle repair, medical bills and lost wages but it could actually cover much more

Often the insurance company’s payment includes only medical bills and lost wages. However, under the law of some states you may also be entitled to money for pain and suffering, household expenses and changes in your lifestyle.

5. If  a friend/family caused your accident, you can be compensated without causing them financial hardship.

Even if your friend or family member caused the accident, you can receive payment for your injuries without making a claim against them. Your claim is made against the insurance company. There will be no out-of-pocket cost your friend or family member. This is because virtually every car insurance policy in some states may include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) as part of the policy. To get these benefits, contact the insurance company covering the car in which you were riding.


When purchasing Insurance


1 – If your occupation is stressful and you spend more time on the road driving, we don’t trust you will not be in an accident, so your premium will be higher

There is a statistical relationship between different occupations and auto insurance risk. People with occupations that are considered more stressful, spend more time on the road driving and have a high need for cell phone use is at a higher risk of an accident. Occupations that require a more detailed and regimented life with the need to keep detailed information are at a lower risk.

2 – If you tell us you’re married and have family who rely on you, we will charge you a lower premium

Married drivers will pay a lower premium than a single, divorced or even a widowed driver. Statically married drivers are more careful drivers since they have family at home that relies on them.

3 – Shop around every year to get the best price you can, as we won’t lower your premium willingly

You may be paying too much. If you have a good driving record chances are you can get a lower rate. Most companies have rolled back their rates after years of increases. Accidents are down and their profits are up. But they won’t automatically reduce your premium, so it’s a good idea to shop around every year and make sure you’re getting the best price you can.

Posted by: Mr.Toni Kohonen