Good to go insurance in Texas

Good to go insurance texas

Texas automobile insurance regulations are not much different compared to most states in the U.S.The minimum requirement for auto insurance is only liability coverage, and the state does not implement the no-fault rule.

All companies licensed to underwrite insurance policies are listed on the official website of the Texas Department of Insurance.

Good2Go is indeed licensed in Texas and offers some of the lowest rates and superior automobile insurance coverage in the state.
Good2Go Insurance, however, is part of the American Independent Companies, meaning it can refer you to any subsidiary of its parent company. Among all of the sub units, there are at least two companies that do business in Texas. The primary carrier is Omni Insurance Company, and the other one is Omni Indemnity Company. Although Good2Go Insurance in Texas may refer you primarily to its sister companies, it can also refer you to any unaffiliated company in order to get you the proper coverage at the cheapest rates.

Car Insurance Requirements in Texas

Texas is not a no-fault state, which means you have to be responsible for any damage or injury in the event of an accident, in which you are at fault. To legally drive in Texas, you only need to purchase liability coverage with the following minimum limits:

• $30,000 for each injured person
• $60,000 for everyone injured in an accident
• $25,000 for property damage

Vehicle Registration

Minimum liability regulation is not unusual, but the vehicle registration is slightly different in TX from other states. Every Texas driver is required to purchase and maintain at least the minimum liability insurance as proof of financial responsibility. It is impossible for you to register your vehicle without producing proof of insurance in TX. Only if the car is insured under your name, can the registration process be completed and the proper documents prepared.

Once you have established insurance through a licensed automobile underwriting company in Texas, the insurance company will provide a report of that information to the state. In most cases, there is no action required on your part. However, it is a good idea to show your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in person to verify the accuracy of the vehicle title, insurance policy, and registration.

In Texas, uninsured drivers have been considered financial burdens by taxpayers. To minimize the number of uninsured drivers, Texas has taken a smart step to compile all vehicle identification numbers, plates, and owners’ names into a database. Law enforcement officers are granted access to the database to determine whether the owner of any particular vehicle is currently insured. This implementation rule is called TexaSure. Because all companies are required to report each drivers insurance policy, the database is continuously updated for any renewal or expired policy. Thus far, the program has been deemed a success, with far fewer drivers on Texas roads driving while uninsured.


Remember that, Good2Go is licensed in Texas, but the company is not an official underwriter.  Nevertheless, Good2Go works within a network of insurance companies, under its parent company, to find every customer excellent coverage.  Good to go has a mission to provide the best coverage for every driver who is currently looking to get an insurance policy in the vast state of Texas.