State Farm Commercials

state farm commercial
Who would have thought 15 or 20 years ago that some of the most creative and entertaining commercials would be created by insurance companies? It seems Geico insurance really initiated boom with their popular Gecko the Geico series, which features a talking lizard that promises to save consumers 15% or more on their car insurance. As Geico rapidly gained more and market share from other insurers, the competition was forced to get more daring in ad commercials or watch the talking lizard take over.

The largest auto insurer in the world, State Farm Insurance company, has done an amazing job in recent years of grabbing viewers attention with a series of excellent commercials. One of the most popular was the Jake from State Farm series. These off-beat

State Farm commercials

Feature a married man taking a phone call at 3 in the morning, discussing an insurance deal that sounds rather provocative. The wife then comes walking down the stairs and assumes something suspicious is going on. The husband then reassures the wife that it’s only “Jake from State Farm” on the line. The TV ad was a little bit daring for the normally ultra- conservative state-farm insurer. For years, the company has mainly produced bland commercials touting the advantages of the companies popular automobile and home insurance lines.

Apparently the commercials have been a success because now there have been other series featuring a cone-head character calling Jake from State-Farm and popular parodies that have popped up all over YouTube. This risky move on the companies part seems like an attempt to capture the younger demographic, that perhaps has viewed as a relatively boring carrier in the past. Now the company looks to be tapping into younger auto insurance buyers, those 18-34, which is a massive market and makes buying decisions many times based on the coolness factor.

State Farm Discount Double Check

One of the reasons State Farm has been so successful throughout the years is the companies one on one agent approach to selling insurance products. The other reason is the value priced approach to the companies insurance products. State Farm has more discounts available than almost any other insurer in the US. To promote the large carriers discounts, a long-running national TV campaign rolled out a few years ago called “Discount Double Check.” The campaign was big success from the beginning, with a special website set-up to promote the spots even further. One of the smartest things the insurer ever did was to sign the popular NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers to promote the company in several entertaining TV ads. A recent ad is just hilarious and features NFL referees blowing a call and all huddling together to try and figure out what call to make. Just as the refs come up with a fake strategy to convince the fans that they are making the right call, someone in the stands yells out “your microphone is on.” This ties right into a line “it pays to double check” with Aaron Rodgers shaking his head in agreement and a spot for the companies website.

In my opinion, State Farm commercials are huge success and the addition of popular NFL players only ads to the carriers popularity. People seem to love the little lizard from Geico, but I think the NFL heroes smash the tiny lizards regarding popularity.

It seems State Farm will hold onto its position as the planet’s number one insurer for years to come.

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