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sr 22 insuranceSo many people are confused when they here the term SR 22 insurance talked about. It sounds like some NASA mars mission to most and surely not anything to do with auto insurance. One of the questions most often asked to insurance agents is, why do they need SR22 insurance and what exactly does it represent? Lets clear the air and take a closer look into it and also check out some solid tips on how to get cheaper auto insurance rates.

SR 22 Auto Insurance requirements
In its simplest form, an SR 22 insurance certificate verifies that you meet the state legal insurance requirements. Each state issues its own insurance laws and mandates that all drivers must comply by. When you purchase the legal amounts of insurance in your state, you will be issued an SR22, which in the event you were pulled over by authorities demonstrates that you are operating a legal vehicle.

This certificate does not contain information about your driving record or accidents but rather information pertaining to your cars insurance legality. However, a judge based on your previous driving incidents may order you to obtain a SR22 before you are allowed to operate a vehicle again. This could be the result of a DUI, recklessly driving or even racing behind the wheel.

Common myths about SR 22s
1. SR 22 auto insurance is just a type of car insurance.
Fact: It is not a type of car insurance at all. An SR22 is a certificate that is filed with the state that demonstrates you have the legalĀ amount of insurance to operate a motor vehicle. Today, thanks to the internet, the certificate is filed electronically, usually as soon as you pay your bill.

2. All SR 22 insurance requirements are the same.
Fact: Each state sets forth different insurance laws. So if you live in California and are moving to Florida, there will be a change in the amount of liability auto insurance you are required to legally be issued SR22 automobile insurance. Contact your state insurance office to learn more about specific insurance laws and any recent mandated changes that you should be aware of.

3. The state insurance office will issue me a SR22 for a fee.
Fact: You can only obtain a SR22 by purchasing a valid car insurance policy from a certified automobile insurance carrier. So you will have to get insured before you will be issued a SR 22.

4. If I move to another state I don’t need a SR22 anymore.
Fact: You must keep your SR22 no matter what state you move to. Also, if you do move to a new state, you must get an insurance policy with an insurer that meets your previous state’s SR 22 mandates.

Common reasons people are required to carry SR 22 insurance

sr 22s insuranceThere are only 8 states that may not require you to get a SR 22. Judges most often order SR 22s after serious infractions have taken place. The intent of the judge is to have the driver demonstrate greater responsibility and better driving behavior, while also protecting other motorists.

Some of the reasons SR 22s are orders include:
1. Multiple violations for driving without insurance
2. Reinstatement of you drivers license after it was suspended
3. Being involved in an automobile accident while uninsured
4. DUI arrests or even worse, multiple DUI offenses
5. Too many points on your driving record

Once you are issued a SR22 you are required to keep it for one to five years, depending on your state’s requirements. In many states, the duration of your SR 22 will depend on the severity of your offense. For example, if you are caught both driving recklessly and under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be ordered to carry it for five years. In contrast, if you have too many points but otherwise no other serious violations on your record, you many be ordered to have it for just one year.

A good place to check on the normal time periods for your state is your local DMV
Remember to keep your auto insurance in good standing and to pay your bill on time. Do not cancel your SR22 for any reason until your mandated required time period has been fulfilled. If you do so, you may get your drivers license suspended and have to start all over again with another period of SR 22 requirements.

SR 22 insurance vs FR 44

So many people are confused about an FR 44 and how it differs from a SR 22. The FR 44 is only mandated currently in two states, Florida and also Virginia. The FR 44 is different in that is requires you to have liability limits that are very high and often double those of a SR22. Usually a person has been convicted of a serious driving offense such as a DUI and are deemed hazardous drivers.

Officials then require high liability limits to protect other motorists
In both states, the FR 44 must be retained for three years. Get a quote today to get the cheapest FR 44 insurance available. If you have any questions about any insurance topic, there are helpful insurance professionals standing by to assist you.

Cheap SR 22 Insurance

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by Toni Kohonen