Sports Car Insurance – Good to go auto insurance

Ever since you were a little kid, you dreamed of owning a new Corvette or Porsche. Now the day has finally arrived, and you are making that dream a reality. The last thing on your mind is finding the best sports car insurance for your new rocket. All you care about is getting out on the open road and hitting full throttle.

The truth is, however, that if you saved up for the high-performance car, then you probably do not have a bank account the size of Mark Cuban. If you are financing your new dream car, then you should take a hard look at the cost of insuring it.
The fact is, sports Cars cost more to insure than almost any other type of vehicle. People that buy high-performance cars at some point, if not every day, use the vehicles power and drive more aggressively than let’s say a mom in a mini-van.

These are driving risks, as the stats show, from time to time end up in dangerous accidents that are remarkably costly to insurers. Insurance companies only charge higher rates to insure exotic sports cars. So what do you so if you can afford the car but not sure if the high cost of ensuring it is feasible?

Ensure your exotic car with quality coverage at low rates.

1. Bundle your car with another vehicle.
You can get an instant discount on your sports car of about 10% just by bundling the coverage with another vehicle on the same policy. Don’t just assume that your current insurer has the best-bundled rates either. Shop around for the cheapest online quotes with sites like You can get a free car insurance estimate for your bundled cars and compare the lowest rates from dozens of insurers.

2. Reduce the number of miles you drive your sports car.
If you have an exotic car that you only drive on the weekends, then make sure you get a policy that reflects the limited use. Some insurers even have weekend car insurance, which can save you 5% or more.

3. Get a high deductible.
One of the best ways to get a lower premium on your high-performance car is to get a deductible that is high. High-deductible makes sense if you are a responsible, careful driver that obeys the traffic laws and only drives fast on rare occasions. Getting the right deductible could be the difference between being able to afford sports car insurance and not. Always set aside an emergency amount of at least $1,000, just in case you do get into an accident and need to pay the deductible.

4. Do not get tickets or at-fault accidents
Insurance companies are ruthless when it comes to raising rates after speeding tickets or accidents. If you have a sports automobile and get a ticket, then they can drive your prices up to the point where you can no longer afford the policy. The best way to get cheaper coverage is to drive carefully and responsibly and avoid costly tickets. If you do get a ticket always go to traffic school, so the points do not show up on your driving record.

5. Avoid unneeded insurance add-ons.
If you currently have a towing plan with a company such as triple an insurance then do not get double coverage for this on your auto policy. Also, if you have rental car coverage with your credit card provider, do not add this onto your sports car coverage. Adding this might seem obvious, but a lot of people overlook it and pay extra.

6. Do your research on what sports cars cost less to insure.
Did you know that a 2014 Camaro’s insurance costs are less than half that of a Nissan G-TR? The more expensive the sports car is, the higher the insurance costs will be. Some exotic cars like a Ferrari have special materials like carbon fiber that make the car lighter but are exceptionally expensive to repair or replace. These cars are going to be double the insurance costs of a typical family sedan. Unless you are rich, you can have great driving thrills in a sporty car that is much cheaper and less costly to insure.

Top sports car picks for cheaper rates:

A. Audi 2.0 Quattro
This Audi is fast and fun. The car also has an astonishing safety record due to some of the most advanced security systems of any vehicle.

B. Chevy Camaro
Ok, so it is not a Corvette, but it still packs an unimaginable punch and costs about 40% less to insure than the “Vette.”

C. Ford Mustang
This American icon is surprisingly affordable with rates as low as $1,400 annually for middle age folks with a clean driving record.
The new models are super fast and come with many safety upgrades.

7. Shop online for the best rates.
The best way to save hundreds on sports car insurance is to shop around for the lowest rates online. Get at least ten quotes from the top auto insurers. Most of the best deals today are found online with companies offering incentives and discounts to new customers.

So what are you waiting for? Start your sports car insurance quote now and get insured today at a rate that will put a smile on your face.