Short Term Car Insurance

short term car insuranceMany people on a tight budget find buying car insurance a necessary expense like April 15th and taxes. For those that drive very little or only seasonally, the cost of obtaining yearly automobile coverage seems unfair. Many people who do not need lengthy automobile policies instead can get by with short term car insurance. If you fit into this category, then there are options available to you that can get you covered at great rates.

What is Short Term Auto Insurance?

Temporary automobile insurance will insure your vehicle legally to meet or exceed the state mandated insurance requirements for time periods that are less than a typical policy. So in essence, the automobile that you are insuring will have normal coverage but just with shorter time periods. Many temporary policies allow drivers to set the driving dates and not pay for unneeded insurance when the car is unused.

So lets say someone has a car in storage and now wants to use the vehicle on a weekend job only. In this case, the customer could get short term coverage by insuring the car with a company that offers weekend car insurance. Keep in mind that not all insurers are this flexible but there are companies out there that offer programs for the part-time driver.

Common reasons people get temp auto coverage:

* You need to insure a moving truck for a long move
* Your current insurance expired and you don’t want a new, long term policy just yet
* You only have brief ownership of a car, as in the case you are flipping it for a profit
* A college student who only comes home for winter and summer breaks and needs to be insured part-time

Most short car policies are written from 1 day to 30 days of coverage. There are so many reasons someone might need this type of coverage. If someone has had their insurance policy expire and their car is up for sale, they more than likely won’t want a normal 6 month policy. Getting just 30 days of coverage will allow them to keep driving the car legally, while it is up for sale.

Likewise, someone that is borrowing a friends car that is uninsured for a couple weeks, needs to get the vehicle legally insured without a long-term policy. Temporary coverage can really come in helpful because it allows customers to get covered for the exact time they need and not get locked in to an expensive, multi-month policy.

The major drawback to this type of car insurance is it’s usually more expensive per month than bi-annual or annual coverage. Most temporary vehicle insurance will insure you for liability and collision coverage. If you want additional protection, you can add uninsured motorists and even get comprehensive coverage if you feel it’s a must. Always make sure you get adequately insured, so that not only your vehicle is properly covered, but you and your passengers have the proper medical limits that will pay for hospital expenses, in the event an accident occurs.

Short Term Automobile Insurance Costs

Like a normal policy, there will be many factors that go into pricing your short term car insurance. Some of these include:

1. The Zip Code area you reside in
2. Your driving record
3. Your sex and age
4. Your credit score
5. Your vehicle

A way to take advantage.

Even though temp car insurance costs more, you can still save by taking advantage of online discounts that most insurers offer like:
* Driver safety class completion
* Good student
* Active Military service and vets
* Good Driver

Always check every discount each company offers so you can save the most.

How to Buy Temporary Auto Insurance

The best place to get this type of coverage is by shopping around online first. Make sure you get at least 5 multiple quotes so you have a good set of rates to compare. At Good to Go, you can find cheap temporary car insurance in just a few minutes. The quote is totally free and you can even buy your policy online. Get good car insurance coverage now, whether you need 1 day or 1 year. Let us help you save on all of you insurance needs.