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shop for car insuranceThere are currently over 250 million cars and trucks registered in the United States. That means that roughly a quarter of a billion automobiles need to be legally insured each year. The old saying about death and taxes are the only certainties in life is true, but auto insurance should be added onto that list, as it is the law in all 50 states.

The median U.S. household earns a collective $51,500 income per year
If a typical family has two vehicles that need car insurance and an average policy costs $908 annually according to Quadrant info, then insurance costs account for 3.5% of a families yearly earnings. In the last few years due to a slow economic recovery, wages have been for the most part stagnant, while auto insurance rates have ticked up in most areas.

Automobile insurance is an expense nearly every family cannot avoid.

While you can’t skip out on getting insured, you can learn how to shop smarter and save as much as you can. Lets take an upfront look into simple car insurance shopping strategies, that could save you hundreds of dollars per year on your car insurance expenses.

Shop for car insurance online for the lowest rates

Today nearly everyone is connected to the internet with laptops, smart phones and even futuristic Google glasses. The days of calling your local auto insurance broker and hoping he or she will find you the best rate for your vehicle insurance are over. The savviest consumers shop for car insurance and buy their policies, all online.

Car Insurance Shopping Tips.

The first step in car insurance shopping is to get a quick estimate of the car insurance rates you can expect to pay. Use a free car insurance estimator service with verified sites like

You will only be asked to enter three or four things such as your age, car, state and you will get a rough estimate in just seconds. The auto insurance estimator can then be used as a baseline for your the actual quotes you receive from insurance carriers. When you get a quote and it beats your car insurance estimate, you have a winner, but keep on shopping until you have applied for at least 10 quotes.

Now, you should apply online for actual quotes, with a minimum of 10 auto insurance companies.

Start with the cheapest rate and then do a quick background check on the company. If you have never heard of the insurance carrier before, then this is a red flag and you should use extra precaution before you buy a policy, even though the rate quoted might be super cheap. This is because insurers, just like restaurants and countless other businesses, go under all the time.

“A” financial stability.

Remember, you are trusting your hard earned money with the auto insurer and in the event of an accident, your financial stability. Use sites like A.M. Best which has been rating licensed insurance companies for decades. This firm is totally unbiased and will give each company a grade much like a school report card. Companies that receive an A+ for financial stability and an A+ for claim responsiveness, should garner more consideration from you.

“C” rating.

On the contrary, if you receive a quote from a small auto insurer that has a “C” rating or less in multiple categories then it is best to not do any business with them. In a worst case scenario, if you filed a costly claim just as the company went bankrupt, you could end up losing a huge amount of money. So in summary, when you shop for car insurance, look for a financially strong company that also has great rates.

Integrated claim updates.

Other things you want to look for while shopping for auto insurance is a website that has integrated claim updates, bill paying and online representatives that can chat with you anytime. One such carrier that has an award winning website is Geico insurance. On Geico’s website, you can pay your bill, print out I.D cards, and chat with qualified insurance professionals anytime.

Shop for the coverage you need.

Before you get any online quotes, you should have already decided on the car insurance coverage you want. All automobile policies require a certain amount of liability insurance to comply with your states mandated insurance laws.

Higher deductible.

Optional insurance plans you need to decide on include comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, breakdown protection and deductible amounts. Remember that a higher set deductible can really bring your premiums down quite a bit. If you are a diligent saver, then it’s smart to opt for high car insurance deductible, which will save you quite bit.

Shop for Car Insurance Discounts

The old saying “ask and you shall receive” has never been more true when it comes to auto insurance. The competition for your insurance collar is fierce and in recent years online auto insurers have offered special discounts to try and lure customers. Some companies such as Cost U Less Insurance have refer a friend discounts that can credit you with $100 or more, just by referring someone.

Discount for safe driver and good students

More traditional discounts include, safe driver, good student, bundling, Military and alarm systems that track your vehicle with GPS technology. If you don’t know which discounts you qualify, don’t hesitate to talk to an insurance representative. Some firms will give you an instant discount just by switching over.

Easy way to find insurance discounts

An easy way to check available car insurance discounts it to get a rate quote with Good to go will search available discounts for you and help you save as much as possible. Buying car insurance online can be fast and simple. Most consumers save on average of about $525 just by comparing rates and applying for discounts.

Check insurance rates every six months

Never feel overly loyal to your auto insurer. They will raise your insurance rates in an instant, without even warning you, so you should never feel guilty switching carriers. Some companies use a classic bait and switch tactic with a low six month rate, only to hike your premiums later on.

The best way to maintain cheap car insurance is to shop for car insurance every few months. If a competing insurer has a better rate, then switch and save your hard earned money. Check out current car insurance specials.

by Toni Kohonen