Should You Add Rental Car Insurance to Your Policy?
rental car insurance
Have you ever stepped off a plane after a long and grueling flight and just wanted to get into your airport rental as soon as possible, only to be virtually forced into buying extra rental car insurance? At many such places the clerks are overly friendly, treating you like they are your new best friend, until you decline this added coverage. If you do not get it, they then treat you like a mother in law from hell and hound you about what could happen if you got into a wreck without it.

The reality is, many of these sales agents are paid on commission and are trained to sell expensive extras to fatten the profits of the companies. Many people have no idea if they are protected through their current insurance policy or have added protection through their credit card travel insurance. Often, people that are uncertain if they are covered end up getting extra ins just to play it safe. This, of course, wastes too much money and frequently happens over and over.

Types of Rental Car Insurance Coverage
As if you are not overwhelmed enough trying to get the perfect car and get out of the airport, these agencies will give you four insurance options to choose from.

  1. Waiver for Collision Damage

Getting this added on will protect you from damage done to the vehicle, including if the car is stolen. Many agents will try and talk people into getting this because

Your personal auto policy might not cover thefts. While this is added peace of mind, you will be typically charged about $14 a day. It is smarter to get adequate rental auto insurance added onto your policy and save if you are a frequent traveler who rents cars.

  1. Supplemental Liability Auto Protection

This coverage will ensure that you will be protected for expenses related to others injured in a crash or incident that you cause while renting a vehicle. With a good credit card travel policy, you should already have this in place. If you are not sure, call your credit card advisor and see if you are protected.

  1. Personal Accident Coverage

This protection will compensate for injuries or even death, as a result of an accident you were involved in, both to you and passengers in the automobile you rented.

  1. Personal Property Insurance

This protection, as the name implies, will cover you for personal things that were stolen while renting a vehicle, such as a purse or cell phone.

It is Important to Know if you are Already Covered
First, take an in-depth look at your personal automobile insurance policy. There is an excellent chance that your policy will cover a rental with the same protection as your car. So if you have liability only, you may have more limited rental coverage. In this case, it might be smart to get added protection, because if you rent a $30,000 car and are at-fault for an accident, you could be in big trouble. You might end up getting sued to be the rental company if you cannot fork over the value of the car and the lost money they did not make.

However, you might have excellent protection for renting cars already on your credit card insurance plan, but make sure you check the fine print and never assume anything. If you already have a great individual policy for your automobile that includes collision and comprehensive ins, you will likely be covered the same for any rentals. If you are still confused, call your insurance provider and have them look at your policy and they should be able to advise you properly. Get a free good to go insurance quote online and see how proper buying insurance can be.

There are some numerous exceptions that most insurers impose on rentals. You will most likely not be covered if you rent a car out of the country. Also, if you are renting a car strictly for business purposes, you might not be covered.

Rental Car Coverage and Credit Cards
Most credit cards today have basic levels of protection, but it varies quite a bit. The coverage is most often designed to kick-in where your insurer does not cover you. Also, most credit car insurance for rentals is targeted to collision, theft and also damages to the vehicle like a blown tire. To be covered, you will need to refuse the rentals coverage and use your credit card for payment. If you have questions, call your card issuer and talk to a qualified representative.

Get a free good to go quote today and save up to $550 in a few quick minutes. You will be matched with the lowest prices in your area and also qualify for discounts that could save you even more. Get started now and start saving.