Pickup Truck Insurance

pick up truck insuranceThe versatility of pick-up trucks makes them the vehicles of choice for many workers including builders, plumbers, painters and a host of sports enthusiasts. Whatever your use may be, you need to get pickup truck insurance in every state because it is the law.
Take a look into these tips and ideas on getting the best coverage at the best prices.

Commercial Pickup Truck Insurance

If you are primarily using your truck for work or business related purposes, then you will need to get a commercial insurance policy. Most insurers will evaluate your business and what precisely you use the truck for to determine the best policy and amount of coverage that is required. For example, if you have a truck in which you haul dangerous or hazardous materials, you will need additional coverage for the added risk. However, if you are a part-time window washer with a small truck, you can get very basic commercial coverage at cheaper rates.

Personal Truck Insurance
If you are one of the millions of Americans who love trucks for everyday use and enjoyment, then you will need a personal usage policy. People enjoy trucks because of the countless uses they offer, from hauling furniture to towing campers, these are some of the most utilitarian of all vehicles. Like cars, you will need to select the coverage that is right for you, which includes:

* Liability Truck Insurance
This coverage will compensate those you have injured and pay for property damages, as a result of an accident you were at fault for. Remember that states make up their own insurance laws and set the limits for liability coverage. Check with your state department of insurance for the current automobile laws and regulations in your area.
* Collision Truck Insurance
This coverage will pay for damage done to your vehicle as a result of an accident, even when your actions caused the incident. It also provides protection to your truck if you get into a “solo” accident, like hitting a fence, wall, etc. If your truck is leased or financed, your lender will undoubtedly require you to purchase collision coverage.
* Comprehensive Truck Insurance
This enhanced protection will protect your truck from just about anything that could potentially happen to it, other than an accident. For example, if it is involved in a fire, hits an animal, is vandalized or even gets hit by a tornado, comprehensive coverage will pay to repair damages done to your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage is often required, like collision, when you finance or lease your vehicle.

If you have an old truck that is rarely used and is worth less than $7,000, you might just want to save and get necessary truck liability insurance. In general, the more expensive your vehicle is, the more coverage you will need to protect the investment you’ve made. One smart move many financial advisors recommend is getting both collision and comprehensive coverage but upping your deductible to $1,000. The added coverage will be more costly, but you will save by having a high deductible, and this added savings should help you afford it.

Trailer Insurance
If your pickup truck is used to haul campers or trailers, you will need additional coverage. You might be able to get this added to your current policy but may need to get a separate policy altogether. Trailer coverage is not too expensive but remember that it’s the law, so you need purchase it if you are towing trailers. Get a free quote today and get the specific coverage you need at excellent rates.

Pickup Truck Insurance Discounts

* Bundled Coverage
Many people that own trucks also have other vehicles like a family or sports car. An easy way to get savings of around 15% is to bundle all your vehicles onto one policy. Not only will you save money but having just one policy and bill is so much more convenient.
* Good Driver Discount
If you have an excellent driver record with no at-fault accidents and have a clean driving record for five or more years, you can save about 10%. Insurers give some of their best rates to drivers who have a history of following traffic laws and staying out of accidents.
* Military service
Are you an active military member that has served in any branch of the armed services? If so, you can qualify for an instant discount of 5% or more.

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