Philadelphia Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in philadelfia Philadelphia is known the world around as the city of brotherly love. This large American city is also home to the infamous Rocky 1 film and the originator of the famous Philly cheese steak sandwich. Philly is the fourth largest city in the United States with more than 1,500,000 residents.

With a dense city population in addition to a vast suburbia, Philadelphia is home to nearly a million cars on the road. While more rural areas of Pennsylvania have cheap automobile insurance costs, Philadelphia auto insurance rates are some of the nation’s highest. Some city zip codes that are tracked by the Insurance Institute have standard auto coverage rates as high as $3,800 per year.

Even those drivers who have decent or near perfect driving records cannot escape the high vehicle premiums in certain sections of Philly. The main culprit of these high rates is frequent accidents that cause severe injuries and auto thefts.

All auto insurance companies keep careful data of each zip code area in the U.S. and the average per vehicle claim costs in each area. Each insurer is forced to raise rates in areas like Philadelphia to maintain profitability and meet ongoing financial strength.

While it might seem unfair for law abiding citizens to pay more for Philadelphia car insurance just because they live in a particular zip code. Automobile thieves target that; the reality is rates will be higher for everyone in those areas until costs to insurers drop.

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Philadelphia auto insurance Coverage Requirements

All drivers in the city of Philadelphia must meet the state’s minimum vehicle insurance coverage, which includes:

Minimum for bodily injury and liability – $15,000/30,000
Minimum for property damage and liability – $5,000
Medical or first party – $5,000

Philly Car Insurance Discounts

Although the Philadelphia auto ins premiums are high, there are some simple and effective ways to save hundreds on coverage. Let’s take a look at some money saving tips:

1. If at all possible move to a zip code in the city that has cheaper auto ins. There is almost a $2,000 per year cost difference between Philly zip codes 16801 and 19121 for example. If you are making a move soon, research the cheapest zip codes to insure your vehicle. Go online at and find the best insurance rates by zip and get more reasonable prices today.

2. Get a higher deductible. If you are a good driver and have set aside some money in the bank, then it only makes sense to get a higher deductible. You can quickly bring down the monthly insurance costs with a higher limit. A deductible of $1,000 can save you hundreds per year but just remember to keep that $1,000, just in case you do get into an accident.

3. Get a car that is cheap to insure. Philly vehicle insurance rates are already sky high, so don’t hurt yourself even more by getting a fancy sports car that will cost a fortune to insure. Look for cars that have a proven record of cheap insurance costs. Almost all Volvo and Subaru automobiles are cheap to insure. Also, stay away from cars like late model Honda Accords that thieves love to steal. They cost a lot to insure and might just get stolen too.

4. Park your car at night in a garage. You can often get a discount of up to 5% just by safely parking your car in a locked and secured garage nightly. Studies show that cars locked away in garages suffer far fewer thefts than those vehicles parked on the street at night.

5. Take a driver safety class. Many people have considered safe driver classes that could save them 5% or more and may qualify you for good driver discounts.

6. Ask for any available discounts like the good student, teacher or military vet that you might qualify for.

7. Shop online at sites like that search hundreds of insurers to find you the best deals.

When you are shopping for Philadelphia auto insurance, always have in mind to follow all state laws and get the proper coverage amounts that you need for your specific situation. Also, remember never to get overlapping coverage that will only cost you more.

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