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personal injury protection

Personal injury or PIP insurance is broad ranging insurance coverage that is available in most states. In 18 states, regulators have passed laws mandating personal injury protection. The main purpose of this extended auto insurance coverage is to provide added protection for medical costs, loss of wages and other damages that might be awarded.

PIP auto insurance is commonly referred to as “no fault” in the areas that the coverage is most prevalent in. The claims that are paid under personal injury insurance judgments are not biased against fault in an accident. Therefore, this coverage has no fault attached to it, regardless of who was responsible for an automobile accident. In principle, an insured policyholders auto insurance premium should not be increased after a PIP insurance claim is made. Get a free personal injury quote today and compare rates from top rated insurance providers in your area.

Personal injury insurance has several basic aspects:
1. Compensates for bodily injury medical costs, no matter who was at fault in the auto accident.
2. Does not cover damage to personal property.
3. Is available as added automobile protection in most states and mandatory in others.
4. PIP insurance coverage protects the driver, all passengers and those you have listed on your auto policy.

Personal injury protection coverage

  • PIP Insurance will cover, based on the limits of the policy, medical related and funeral costs of the claimant.
  • The coverage also extends to those that were hurt inside the vehicle of the insured, as well as pedestrians that were injured as a result of the accident.
  • In certain states, both PIP and AMP insurance protection can be purchased together.
  • It’s important to realize that while many states don’t allow for PIP insurance, they do have allowances for AMP coverage.
  • This insurance as its core is not partial to liability and only subrogable is select states.
  • AMP insurance stands for Auto Medical Payments, which like PIP, often have limits ranging from $1,500 up to $250,000.

Certain states such as Michigan have no limits on the medical costs nor the costs associated in rehabilitating the injured. Remember that even if you have PIP auto insurance, you still need to get liability auto insurance protection. This is because PIP protection is for you and your passengers while liability insurance only kicks in and pays for damages you cause to someone else. Check PIP insurance rates in your area and qualify for instant online discounts.

Advantages to getting PIP insurance

Personal injury insurance gives customers valuable protection from exorbitant medical costs that often result from automobile accidents. If you have no employee or self employed private health insurance and major assets to protect, getting PIP coverage is all the more critical. In today’s lawsuit heavy world, more and more people are getting sued for large amounts stemming from costly automobile accidents. Serious injuries from automobile accidents can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having and maintaining the proper levels of PIP car insurance can save you from financial devastation.

State minimum PIP insurance limits
Some employee related health insurance plans provide comprehensive medical insurance that covers serious accidents, while other plans only provide limited protection. Before you buy personal injury insurance, check the details of your health insurance policy and see how much additional coverage, if any, you need to get. If you already have great health insurance coverage, you might only need to go with the state minimum PIP insurance limits. If you feel more comfortable getting enhanced personal injury protection, which covers you from lost wages and other service related expenses, then it might be smart for you to add extra PIP coverage onto your existing car insurance policy.

Personal Injury Insurance Quotes

Getting personal injury protection quotes is not as complicated as you might think. Just fill out a quick online insurance form that only takes about five minutes and we will find the best rate possible. We will also help you find car insurance discounts that could save you up to 20%. Let find you the cheapest PIP insurance policy. Get started now and see how easy it is to find affordable auto insurance.