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Non owner insurance

Many people who do not own a car or who share an automobile with a friend may need a non owner car insurance policy. If you drive a car and it is not your vehicle, then you need to protect yourself from any liability damages that could occur if you are involved in an accident. A non owner auto insurance policy will protect you in most accidents and is really cheaper than you might think. In fact, expect to only pay about one third of a traditional auto insurance policy. Without this type of coverage, if you cause an accident, you could be sued and held liable for expensive property and personal damages.

For example, lets say you have recently sold your vehicle and are in the market for a new car and will be borrowing a friends car for two or three months. In this case, it would make sense to purchase non owners coverage to protect yourself and protect the owner of the car you are driving.

Also, if you frequently rent cars and your credit card does not offer rental insurance, then you may consider insuring yourself with non owners. Lets say you are going on a long vacation for 3 or 4 weeks and plan on renting a car, then you might be able to add non owners onto your insurance and save $200 to $300 over what the car rental company would charge you.

Some business owners such as construction contractors also rent trucks frequently, such as a U-Haul or Home Depot truck, and with non owners auto insurance, they are fully protected with any vehicle they rent.

Non owner sr22 insurance

The state that issues your non owner policy will certify your coverage with a SR-22. Since you do not own a vehicle but still need valid proof of insurance to legally drive, you will be insured with what’s called non owners SR-22 insurance. This SR-22 certificate
demonstrates that you have the proper state regulated liability insurance that meets or exceeds the state’s minimums. Once you purchase this type of coverage, your insurance carrier will submit the policy info to the states insurance department and you are good to go. Make sure that you always keep your insurance I.D available at all times in case you are pulled over by the police or in an accident.

In some cases, you may be forced to buy non owner insurance if you have had a bad driving record
This could include past DUIs or reckless driving cases which caused your license to be revoked. A judge might invoke conditions as part of your drivers license being reinstated. This could mean buying a comprehensive insurance policy that includes non owners SR 22 insurance coverage.
Judges do this to insure the safety of the public from those deemed to be the riskiest drivers.

Companies who offer non owner insurance

In recent years, many large insurance companies have discontinued these policies. This is primarily because they’re not as profitable as normal automobile policies and are expensive to maintain. However, there are some quality insurers that still provide non owner vehicle coverage.

Progressive insurance is an online insurer that has great low rates on this type of insurance. A non-owner policy from Progressive should only cost you around $250 annually, which is a really great deal. They offer free quotes and a 24 hour helpline with friendly representatives that will help you with any questions you may have.

non owner insurance

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Geico insurance also offers great low online rates for non owner insurance although it is a bit higher than Progressive. Geico insurance offers auto insurance in all 50 states and has some of the best customer service of any insurer. Geico quotes are fast and free and several discounts are available.

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by Toni Kohonen