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low cost auto insurance

Having auto insurance if you drive is not a choice because it is mandated in every state. You can’t get around it if you own a vehicle, but you can get low cost auto insurance that is a lot cheaper and save your hard earned money. Let’s examine below a few basic ways anyone can cut their insurance bill and in some instances get even better coverage.

Choose the type of insurance you need and not what your agent might try to sell you. Auto Insurance is made up of 6 components that are priced out differently. It is important to review each of them before you actually make a decision on the policy that is best for you.

* Collision Insurance: This pays for repairs to your automobile after an accident, even if you were at fault for the crash.

Collision coverage is important if you have a newer vehicle more so than an older car that is not worth too much.

* Comprehensive Insurance: If your vehicle incurs damage as a result of anything other than another car, this coverage will pay for repairs done to get your ride back on the road. Common examples are a tree limb that falls on your car, a deer that smashes into your vehicle or a fire.

* Uninsured Motorist Insurance: This type of coverage will pay for repairs after a crash when the other driver has no coverage at all. If you want total protection and enhanced peace of mind behind the wheel, it is strongly recommended to get it.

* Property damage: This coverage pays out to another party for the damage you inflicted on someone’s personal property such as a fence or garage.

* Bodily injury: This important coverage covers those injuries you inflicted on someone as a result of an accident.

* PIP Insurance: Personal injury protection or what is commonly referred to as PIP coverage pays for injuries sustained by you and those passengers in your vehicle. It can even cover lost income and funeral costs.

Decide on the coverage you need

Your insurance rates will be determined in large part by the type of coverage you get, and you should consider carefully what type of policy you need. If you are on a super tight budget and have an older car, then you might be able to get by on a no-frills liability only policy and save a lot.

Just make sure you weight the risks of limited coverage because, in the event of a serious accident, you can be left with massive medical bills and other liabilities that your coverage will not pay for.

If you have a new or nearly new automobile, then you should seriously consider comprehensive coverage. Even though it is not the lowest cost car insurance, it will save you considerably in the event your expensive car gets totaled or damaged severely.

Some insurance advisors suggest a simple formula for choosing when to buy a comprehensive policy. If the yearly premium is 10% of the current value of your vehicle or less, then it is a good buy. So for example, let’s say you have a car that is now worth $17,000. If your comprehensive policy is $1,700 annually or less, then it is a good buy.

If you have a very cheap car and only have your eye on liability, make sure you first check out your state’s minimums for this coverage. You can go to your state insurance website and do some quick research, but most quotes you get will already have the minimums predetermined, which makes it really easy.

Keep a clean driving record and lower your rates
One of the best ways to get discounts on your auto insurance is to maintain a clean driving record. One of the biggest components
in determining your rates will be your driving history and how many accidents you have been involved in.

Car insurance companies are all about risk control and the lower your perceived risk, the easier it is to get low-cost insurance. Most companies even offer safe driver discounts, which can save you a lot. Remember, if you get a speeding ticket or any other violation, go to traffic school and keep it off your record. This one simple suggestion can save you hundreds per year.

Get a high deductible and save

This is one of the easiest ways to get low cost auto insurance and, unfortunately, a tip people often don’t use. For automobile policies, a common set of deductibles is set in amounts of $200, $500 up to $1,000.

This higher the deductible you choose, the lower your car insurance rates will be. It’s just important to remember that you will be responsible in the event of an accident to cover that big deductible amount, so save it up and don’t touch it. This tip can save you easily $300 annually or more.

Take advantage of discounts

Nearly everyone qualifies for some type of car insurance discount. Common examples are a good driver, teacher, good student, and military members or vets.

Sometimes discounts are not published, and this is why it’s so important always to ask for all the discounts currently available. Some insurers offer bigger discounts to older drivers while other military members. This is why you should always get car insurance estimates from multiple insurers before you buy a policy.

Show for the cheapest car insurance

There are no excuses for not shopping for car insurance thanks to the internet. Anyone can get multiple car insurance quotes from the comfort of home in a matter of minutes. Go to a top car insurance site like GoodtoGoInsurance.net that allows you to compare up to 10 quotes from leading carriers.

After your find low cost auto insurance coverage, most websites now allow you to buy your policy online and even print out your I.D. cars. Start shopping for low insurance rates now and compare quotes in your area in just five minutes. Get started now with your free online rate quote.