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liability car insurance

If you operate a vehicle on public roads in any state, you are mandated to carry the proper amount of liability car insurance.
Each state sets forth its own minimum liability requirements which you must abide by. You of course can get more coverage than the states minimum, but not less. This important element of insurance coverage will pay for injuries in addition to property damage done by your car to others, where it was determined you caused and were at-fault for the accident. Many people mistakenly think that liability car insurance covers their vehicle in accidents, when in reality it pays for damages, including repairs to the other party you smashed into.

In today’s litigious society, if you can afford it, make sure you get a policy that provides legal representation allocations. If you are at fault in the accident then there is a good chance you will be sued. Having a lawyer will help guide you through the legal process. If you are insured with the proper liability coverage then your insurance company will repay the other party involved for hospital expenses, vehicle repairs, and other related costs.

Limited liability car Insurance

Not all liability coverage is the same and you can get different levels depending on your budget and the protection you feel is necessary. One of the key factors you must decide when purchasing automobile insurance is the amount of liability auto insurance to buy. Keep in mind the amount you choose is the maximum number your car insurance carrier will payout for a claim.
Your specific state minimum for liability coverage should be a starting point and not an amount you choose arbitrarily just because it is cheaper. If you get into a serious at fault accident for example and cause $200,000 in bodily injuries along with property damage to another party and only carry $100,000 of liability auto insurance, you could be held personally liable for the difference.

Coverage limits:

A typical auto policy will have 2 basic numbers for liability coverage. The first is amount of coverage limit for each person involved in an accident. The second number refers to the combined limit where there are two or more injured in a vehicle accident.
Each state as stated has different limit requirements but there are common averages you can go by to get a rough estimate of what to expect before buying a policy.

* $15,000 of coverage for bodily injuries, for each person
* $25,000 of coverage for all bodily injuries where there are two or more injured
* $10,000 of coverage for damage done to property

When you discuss your policy with an agent they will often refer to these three sets of numbers in order, such as the above,
15 – 25 – and 10. If you want more coverage you might go with liability numbers such as 50/100 and 25. If you have considerable assets that could be potentially at risk in the event you were sued due to a major at fault car accident, then you need to get a high number of liability protection. To simplify it, the more you have the higher your liability coverage should be. Today, lawyers can do a quick online check and determine a persons assets, and the more you have the more lawyers will fight you to get it when you are determined to be at fault after an accident. Use trusted sites like and you can get high amounts of liability coverage at really affordable rates.


What liability car insurance does not cover

liability insurance cover and not cover

You should know that liability auto insurance does not pay for repairs to your own vehicle, nor medical costs related to an at fault accident you are responsible for. To get fully covered you will need to look into collision damage protection, which can pay for damages done to your car even when you are at fault. Liability insurance will also not reimburse you for medical expenses from your at fault accident. To get this coverage, look into a comprehensive plan that protects and covers personal injuries. Also, if you can afford it, a comprehensive policy that covers uninsured motorists is a wise choice also.

Cheap liability car Insurance

If you are ready to purchase insurance the best place to start is online. Companies like will get you the best coverage at the lowest rates by searching hundreds of companies. All you have to do is get a free online rate quote. There are several discounts available including safe driver, teacher and military. Go auto insurance representatives will be happy to help you with any question you might have. Start you quote now and see how easy it is to find cheap liability car insurance online.

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