High Risk Car Insurance

high risk car insuranceIf you need car insurance but have recently been turned down, you might be a high-risk driver. There are numerous reasons why an auto insurance company might consider you risk. Everything from serious driving citations to bad credit and wrecks can get you tagged as a risky customer. As frustrating as it might be for those on a tight budget, high-risk car insurance is also much more expensive. The good news is there are many higher risk insurers that will get you covered at reasonable rates. You should also diligently work at getting the issues affecting your high rates resolved, so your future premiums can be lowered.

Factors that Make Drivers High Risk

* Driving While Intoxicated
This serious driving violation will immediately put you in the high-risk category. If you get convicted of a DUI, not only will your premiums go way up, but many insurers will cancel your coverage. A person insurance coverage often gets terminated because stats show, many DWI offenders repeat this behavior again and again. They also get into serious and fatal accidents at an alarming rate. In nearly all states, your license will be suspended for often one year or more, depending on the number of prior DWI convictions. After your license is reinstated, you will need to apply for SR-22 insurance. SR22 auto insurance is filed by your insurer with your respective state DMV and only then will you be cleared to drive again. Your DUI can stay on your driving record for five years or longer, this means you will be paying for high-risk car insurance for a very long time. Be smart, don’t drive drunk and avoid the financial loss and stress.

* Teen Drivers
Teen drivers are considered high risk just because of their age. While this might seem unfair, statistics prove that this group of drivers get in more accidents than older adults and often engage in risky behavior like texting and driving. Sadly, the number one cause of teenage deaths each year is vehicular accidents. Insurers hit teens especially hard on rates if they have a powerful sports car and a need for speed. Male teen drivers pay more to get insured than their female counterparts because they get in disproportionately more accidents. If you are a teen ready to hit the road, start out by getting on your parents policy first and maintain a B or greater GPA so you can qualify for a good student discount.

* Bad Personal Credit Rating
Many people do not associate car insurance costs with their credit score, but it is a huge factor. Insurers consider persons with ongoing credit issues to be more irresponsible and prone to risky behaviors. Having a credit score of 650 or below can target you as a high-risk driver and send your rates way up. Keep your credit up and watch your insurance rates go down.

* Serious Driving infractions
An auto insurer might consider you risky if you have serious driving incidents like a hit and run, numerous at-fault crashes, or several speeding tickets. Just like with DUIs, your rates will soar and if you have more than one reckless driving charge or your coverage could even be canceled. Driver safe and not only will you stand a greater chance of staying alive on the road, but you will save on insurance costs.

What does High-Risk Car Insurance Cost?

There are numerous factors that go into your personal insurance pricing. Some of the most common factors are your:

  • Age and Sex
  • Vehicle Type
  • Credit Rating
  • Driving Record
  • Zip Code or Address

These are the primary factors that determine the bulk of your rate premiums. If you are classified as a high-risk driver, your costs could go up between 30% to 100%, this means if you pay on average of $1,200 yearly, your could end up paying $2,400 or more for the same coverage. This is the harsh reality of getting targeted as a risky driver. Some good news is, there are insurers that cater to this market and have lower rates for high-risk drivers than other national carriers. Recent consumer studies have found Geico to be one of the cheapest companies, as well as Allstate. Get your free quote and save hundreds with special online rates.

Shop for High-Risk Auto Insurance Online

If you are shopping for high-risk car insurance on the web, make sure you get multiple quotes from major auto insurance providers. You should compare at least eight insurance rates before you make a final buying decision. Some of the today’s best car insurance deals are found online, so get started with your free rate quote today.