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high risk auto insurance

Auto insurance that is classified as above greater than normal risk is often referred to as high risk auto insurance. Drivers who are unfortunately in this insurance segment have committed serious infractions such as driving while intoxicated, have serious moving violations such as drag racing, or have been in more than one at fault accident. Insurance companies are in the business to make money and people that have had past violations are more likely to repeat them and induce an expensive claim. In many cases, an insurer will refuse to underwrite a policy to a driver who is determined to be at high risk because of the likely hood of losing money on that policy.

High risk auto insurance for drivers and employment

Not only is it difficult for high risk drivers to find affordable auto insurance coverage, but many find it difficult to find a job. Millions of jobs today such as UPS delivery drivers, truckers, taxi drivers, or pizza delivery workers require a safe driving record. In the transportation industry, drivers who have more than two points on their driving record can find getting a job difficult. Even worse, those who have a DUI can find it nearly impossible to get a job in transportation services.

This is because the insurance company that serves the company will charge too much for the employees coverage, making it cost prohibitive to hire the person. In some cities like Las Vegas, any driver who has a past DUI cannot be a licensed taxi driver, no matter how long ago the offense was. The best advice for new drivers is to obey all of the safety laws and drive safely. Having a good driving record will save you money and possibly get you a good job.

High risk teen Insurance

Is it just me, or is the typical teenager more concerned about their latest text message than driving responsibly. Teens drivers have always been high risk but today with smart phones, tablets and headphones causing more distractions than ever, these drivers might be better referred to as super high risk. Although driving and talking on cellphones is illegal in many states, teens seem to ignore the law on a daily basis.

This is serious because it takes an average of 5 seconds to answer and respond to a call. If a car is on the freeway doing over 65 MPH, then that means the teen would be distracted for over 100 meters. According to some recent studies, teens who make calls while driving are 3X more likely to get into an accident.

high risk teen insurance

That number seems outright safe when compared to texting

A teen driver who texts is 23X more likely to get into an accident than drivers who don’t. Teenagers often think of themselves as indestructible, but sadly thousands of teens die or are seriously injured each year due to careless driving habits such as texting.

While all teens are going to be instantly high risk drivers, there are basic things that can be done to lower insurance rates.

1. Take a safety driver course. These courses are not expensive at all and provide a lot of useful information. Often times a retired Highway Patrol officer will be the instructor and pass along his wealth of information. These classes will prepare the teen to be a law abiding, safety oriented driver and get insurance discounts up to 10%.

2. Get good grades. Getting good grades shows maturity and discipline. Insurance companies reward teens with excellent grades with discounts of 5% 10%.

3. Get an old family car. Older, safety proven cars such as the Honda accord or Toyota Camry are less to insure than newer sports cars like the Ford Mustang.

4. Get on your parents policy. This move alone should safe about 15%.

DUI Insurance

All states have serious laws against drinking and driving. These laws have helped deter DUIs and related fatalities about 50%
over the past 30 years. If you have a DUI and your insurance company cancelled your policy, then there are a few options to consider.

Dui insurance

Insurance companies such as TheGeneral that specialize in high risk auto insurance often have good rates. You can also use a quoting service with sites like GoodtoGoInsurance.net that will match your driving profile with insurance companies.

This way you will find out the lowest rates along with all of the companies that are offering you auto insurance, even if you have a DUI on your record. The service is totally free and only takes a few minutes.

High risks driving programs

In some states such as California, there are programs that help DUI offenders. Many states have also passed laws that require insurance companies to issue insurance to all drivers with valid drivers license. While the insurers might comply with these new laws, the rates are often very high. Due to this, states often will subsidize these auto insurance policies.

Check with your state’s department of insurance to learn more

Get a free high risk auto insurance quote and find the best companies at the lowest rates. The online quote takes just a few minutes and many customers find savings of 40% or more.

by Toni Kohonen


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