New Hampshire Auto Insurance Laws

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Laws
Most people mistakenly believe that auto insurance is mandatory in all 50 states. That is almost true, but not exactly correct. The truth is there is one northeastern state that does not require drivers to carry coverage. However, this does not mean that people who hit the road uninsured do not carry any liability, in the event they get into an accident. You might not get your car towed away if a cop stops you in this state without an ins I.D card, but if you’re smart, you should buy New Hampshire Auto Insurance and stay safe.

What Exactly are the Car Insurance laws in N.H?

State lawmakers have enacted the RSA 264:3 provision, this means that after an automobile collision in the state of New Hampshire, the DMV as enforced by the director will place a suspension on the at-fault motorist license and vehicle (the plates will be surrendered too) registration. The suspension is then in effect until the person driving at the time of the accident posts the appropriate security to compensate for damages inflicted from the incident.

So while drivers in this area are not mandated by state law to carry auto ins coverage, the consequences are as bad or worse than the other states which require it. The good news for people insured is the RSA 264.3 provision, and its implications will not apply to you if you indeed have a valid car insurance policy. So if you are not covered, the laws in N.H will come down on you hard, and you could be completely wiped out financially in the event you’re charged for causing a crash. Get a cheap car insurance plan in New Hampshire today and save up to $550 with a fast on-line quote.

Non-Insured Drivers in N.H are Responsible for Accidents and held Financially Liable
Let us say you live in New Hampshire and want to take advantage of the non-mandated vehicle insurance laws. You decide to take the risk for several years, after all, you think you are the best driver in the world, and you will never get into a collision. Then one day your cell phone goes off while your trailing an old lady. In a split second, you slam into granny, and she goes flying into a pole and does severe damage to her Buick, in addition to breaking her old legs. So what exactly will happen to you now? You have saved over $8,000 over the previous six years by not getting covered but now could be on the hook for over $40,000 in medical and vehicle repair bills.

After the incident, you will have to go to the DMV and demonstrate you have the ability to pay for personal injuries, to $50,000 – in addition to property damage of $25,000. If you cannot prove you have the financial wherewithal to pay, your license and registration will more than likely be taken away, this is why you need to ask yourself if I is worth it to save $1,000 to $1,500 annually by driving without ins? Keep in mind, at any time on the road you could be held liable for an accident you caused that could devastate your finances. It could take you many years to pay off the cost of 1 accident you caused! It only makes sense to get the proper auto insurance in NH and avoid a possible nightmare outcome.

It’s also super important to be aware of the New Hampshire auto insurance laws as it pertains to others you allow to drive your vehicle. If another person you let drive your automobile gets involved in an at-fault crash, you will also be asked to provide financial proof that you can pay for the resulting damages, including both medical and personal property. Again, it doesn’t make sense for you or anyone to drive you vehicle without the proper insurance coverage. You may also need to pay for expensive attorney fees, in addition to all the other costs. Get quoted from good to go and compare policies from dozens of providers now.

Buying New Hampshire Auto Insurance Online

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