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Florida good to go insurance Florida is known the world over as the sunshine state and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. FL is also the fourth largest state by population in the U.S. with almost 20 million people calling this southern state home. Due to the states tropical climate, affordable housing and low taxes, many retirees have chosen to live out their golden years in Florida.

Like California on the west coast, Floridians have had a long love affair with automobiles. With so many beautiful stretches of roads to the beaches and stunning everglades, driving in the state is amazing. If you drive, however, you must legally have a valid Florida car insurance with Good to go insurance. All vehicles must have the state minimum amounts of coverage for PIP or personal injury protection in addition to property damage (PDL) liability.

The good news for all Floridians is the sunshine state has very little coverage requirements. And thus some of the cheapest auto insurance rates in the U.S. Learn how to find the best car insurance in Florida and save hundreds by getting a free rate quote at GoodtoGoInsurance.net. Compare rates online from top providers and save up to $500 in just a few minutes.

Good to go insurance – FL Automobile Coverage Requirements

FL is unique from many other state’s insurance laws because it is a no-fault state. If you are involved in an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault, your ins coverage will compensate you for your medical expenses up to your limits.

Take a look at the FL state minimums for auto coverage:

* $10,000 PIP or no-fault personal injury insurance protection.
* $10,000 PDLor property damage liability ins.

FL Personal Injury (PIP) Protection with goodtogo insurance

When you purchase FL PIP ins, it is relevant to note that your coverage extends beyond you and may include:

1. Passengers that are riding in your vehicle that do not own an automobile nor have FL PIP insurance.
2. Yourself – this applies if a vehicle walking hits you, on a bicycle, or skateboard, etc. and sustain injuries.
3. Family members such as your child.

Problems start if you are operating a Florida insured vehicle with Good to go insurance and get into an accident. Having a collision with other PIP insured passengers, they will have their coverage to assist them with medical expenses.

FL Property Damage (PDL) Liability

When you are at fault in a FL automobile accident and cause loss to another person’s property. Such as a fence or garage, PDL or property damage liability coverage will cover you for these expenses, up to the limit.

Additional FL Car Insurance Options

FL has low insurance minimums, but you need to think carefully about the amount of coverage you should actually carry. You can always add more PIP or PDL coverage onto your Florida car insurance policy. In addition, if you require to get fully insured you might want to consider comprehensive ins. As the name implies, having comprehensive insurance with Good2go insurance, it will pay for almost anything that happens to your car. That is not in relation to a vehicular accident, such as animal hits, hail damage and even vandalism. Even though comprehensive coverage is the best, it is more expensive, but it will give you added peace of mind.

Florida collision insurance is also an important option. Consider to get one with Good to go auto insurance company. For expenses resulting from accident related damage done to your vehicle, this will pay for that. In addition, you might want to add uninsured motorists coverage as many drivers are illegally driving in FL without any insurance and yes, those drivers get into accidents too, causing millions in damages. Remember also that if you lease or even finance a car, your lender will require that you carry collision and usually comprehensive coverage.

FL Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability or BIL coverage will help you cover damages to those who were victims of an accident, and you are at fault. While Florida lawmakers have made efforts to thwart excessive injury lawsuits over the years, if you inflict serious damage to another person as a result of your driving actions, you may get sued. If you are found liable for damages, BIL coverage will cover you up to the policy limit and also costs associated with legal representation.

Cheap Florida Good to go Auto Insurance Online

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