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military auto insurancePeople who serve our country and sacrifice so much for so little, can save money by buying military auto insurance online. Many active military members are below the age of 25 and often find it hard to get cheap car insurance. Thankfully, any active personnel, regardless of their age, can find great rates by searching for companies who offer cheap auto insurance for military members.

Many service members are some of the best trained drivers in the world
Unfortunately, when they get quotes for Military car insurance, they’re lumped in with drivers in their same age group, who have no formal driving training at all. Some young military members have actually driven vehicles in active war areas and not only had to be aware of oncoming traffic but hidden I.E.D.s that could potentially detonate ay any time. Talk about real defensive driver training.

Another great benefit of military automobile insurance is that anyone who has served qualifies. This means that a Vietnam vet can qualify and a recent 18 year old young man that just enlisted qualifies. Also, immediate family members such as spouses and children qualify for most military insurance discounts. These discounts are extended to family members because they are deemed special cases. Family members are often deployed frequently and move constantly, thus making affordable insurance all the more valuable.

Another excellent benefit of military insurance coverage is that if someone is deployed oversees and cancels their policy, they won’t be penalized when they move back and reinstate the policy. This is really an important cost savings because normally having a gap of time without car insurance would result in higher rates. With most military auto insurance companies, these gaps in automobile coverage do not penalize drivers with higher rates once they return home and buy car insurance coverage again.

Military auto insurance discounts

1. Good driver record.
Just like the rest of the civilian population, the cleaner your driver record is, the lower your military coverage will cost. If you have an old traffic ticket that you have not paid, get it paid right away so you can get insured for even lower rates.

2. Discounts for married personnel.
Rates for married couples in the military are about 5% to 10% cheaper than singles who apply for auto insurance. If you are a young military member getting married soon, then cheaper car insurance is waiting for you.

3. Good credit.
Most military members are disciplined and know how to maintain control in their lives. If you have an excellent credit rating, then expect to get even cheaper military car insurance rates.

4. Deployment Discount.
Some military insurers offer significant car insurance discounts to those who are deployed to an area that is determined to be very dangerous and need to store their vehicles while gone. Some insurers require pre-approved storage facilities, but once approved,
discounts are applied because of the emergency deployment circumstance.

5. Discounts for military personnel associations.
Some military auto insurance companies offer additional discounts to members of certain organizations, like the AUSA or the AFSA. If you are an active member, then make sure you get this discount when you get automobile quotes.

Military auto insurance companies

  • USAA Insurance

The most famous company that specializes in insurance for military members is USAA or the United Services Automobile Association. This company is a large insurer with a broad product line, most noted for its discounted military auto insurance. USAA insurance was started in 1922 by Army officers who found getting affordable automobile insurance frustrating. Today, USAA insurance has more than 10 million members and provides a variety of financial products including auto, home, life insurance, USAA banking and even retirement planning. USAA extends their membership to immediate family members, who can also take advantage of the great member rates. USAA auto insurance is the most popular product sold by the company and is widely regarded as the cheapest for military members. Also, USAA auto insurance is flexible to the needs of active military members and makes available special payment plans to fit the payment schedule of members.

  • Armed Forces Insurance

Although not nearly as big as USAA, Armed Forces insurance sells quality military automobile policies in 10 states. The company also has a deal with Progressive insurance to sell its military car insurance in an additional 28 states, so they really are nationwide. Unlike most insurers like Geico, the Armed Forces Insurance company is a non-profit and member based entity. Discounted car insurance is available to verified members, their spouses and children. Get a quote today and see how much you can save on military vehicle coverage.

  • Geico

In recent years, Geico has targeted military members by offering awesome discounts. One enticing incentive is an instant discount of 15% for active personnel, all retired service vets and also National Guard members. These discounts are in addition to the already low direct auto insurance rates Geico offers. Like USAA insurance, Geico offers emergency deployment discounts to those that sacrifice so much. Also, Geico has convenient online bill payment features and some of the fastest claim response in the business. Get a quote today and see how easy getting cheap military car insurance can be.

Military Insurance Quotes

The best place to find great deals on insurance for military members is online. Whether you need military car insurance, motorcycle, a truck quote, or even life insurance quotes, the best deals are almost always found online. Getting free military insurance quotes only takes about five minutes and you can shop rates from multiple providers. Make sure you apply for all the insurance discounts you qualify for and consider bundling your vehicles together to save even more. Get your online quote now and find your best military rate.