Good To Go Insurance in Miami Beach

good to go insurance miami beach

Miami Beach is a fashionable resort city located in Miami-Dade County and is situated in the state of Florida. When it comes to auto insurance, Miami Beach follows the regulations set by the Florida department of insurance. According to a report published by on April 13, 2015, Florida has the fifth most overpriced car insurance annual average premium costs in the United States. The national auto insurance average is at $1,311, but Florida has an annual average of $1,742.  That percentage can be attributed to many things, including high auto theft crimes and costly accidents.

The residents of Florida, particularly in Miami Beach should shop around and compare prices between several companies to get the least expensive car insurance possible. Good 2 Go Insurance can help Miami residents get insured at super low rates with liability only insurance or comprehensive coverage.  Good to Go is affiliated with many national insurers, including the American Independent Companies.  Good car insurance has partnerships with Omni Insurance Company and Omni Indemnity Company, which are both legally licensed to sell auto insurance in the state of Florida.

How It Works

Good 2 Go Car Insurance is allowed to transfer your policy from one state to another to comply with insurance laws and regulations. In case an insured person is planning to move to Miami Beach, the company will be able to arrange everything necessary to transfer your policy to either an affiliated or non-affiliated company for your needs.

Even when you are a new customer, Good To Go Auto Insurance can provide insurance quotes for any state in the country. If the company is not licensed to sell or underwrite car insurance policies in that state, it will refer you to another licensed insurer automatically. The main purpose of this method is to make sure that your insurance policy, including coverage and minimum liability limits, meet the state’s requirements. Get a free FL car insurance quote today and compare rates in just a couple minutes.

Minimum Requirements

In Miami Beach, every driver is required to have at least Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability coverage. PIP, or also commonly referred to as no-fault coverage.  This protection will cover any injuries that you might suffer from, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. This coverage also provides protection for injuries sustained by your passengers, children, and anyone driving your vehicle (no matter whether or not they have this coverage).

Property Damage Liability pays for another person’s property damages, in which you or your family are at fault or liable for in case of an accident. Goodtogo Insurance is also able to arrange purchases of separate types of coverage, such as Collision and Comprehensive, in case you need more financial protection on the road in Miami Beach, Florida. For complete protection, you may need Medical Payment and Rental Reimbursement as well.  Whatever auto coverage you need, we can get you covered, at great rates.  Start your online FL automobile insurance quote today and save hundreds.