Good to go auto insurance – San Antonio

good to go auto insurance san antonioThe City of San Antonio, or more commonly referred to as only San Antonio, is located in the Texas. San Antonio is the second most populated in the state or the seventh most populated in the United States with a population of 1,409.019. From all the top ten fastest growing cities in United States from 2000 to 2010, San Antonio stood at the top position.

In this big city, there are at least 16 major highways to facilitate ground transportation in additions to railways. When it comes to insurance, San Antonio is governed by a set of laws regulated by Texas Department of Insurance. Every driver in the city must comply with the rules and purchase insurance from Texas licensed auto insurance company. Good to Go Insurance in San Antonio is authorized to offer auto insurance in the city, but it does not currently underwrite the policies.

Instead of underwriting the policies, goodtogo auto insurance will refer you to other licensed insurers so that your plan complies with the city’s insurance regulations. This company is a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, Inc., and therefore it will mainly refer you to some affiliates. However, it is also possible that the company refers consumers to non-affiliated insurers if needs to be. There are several subsidiaries or affiliates Good to Go Insurance licensed in San Antonio, Texas including Omni Indemnity Company, Omni Insurance Company, and American Independent Insurance Company.

San Antonio Insurance Regulation

Every driver in Texas, including in San Antonio, is required to purchase at least the following liability coverage policies:

• Bodily Injury per person with a minimum limit of $30,000
• Bodily Injury per accident with a minimum limit of $60,000
• Property Damage with a minimum limit of $25,000

Liability insurance will pay up to the limit of your policy to cover expenses including medical cost, car repair, car rental while the damaged vehicle is in repair, and punitive damages. All those expenses are for the other person involved in the accident. The good thing is that Liability Insurance covers not only you, but also your family members or even other people who drive your car with your permission. Moreover, it will pay up to $250 to bail you out if necessary. If you want financial protection for your medical cost, you may need to purchase Medical Payment coverage; this is a separate policy.

Those liability coverage policies mentioned above are considered proofs of your financial responsibility. Because car prices and cost of medical care are relatively high, however, every driver is advised to purchase more than the minimum limit for better financial protection. The minimum limit is probably not enough to pay all damages and medical cost you have to pay following an event of an accident.

Although good to go insurance is mostly known to provide minimum liability insurance, it can provide almost any auto insurance you need since it works with a vast network of Texas-licensed insurers and underwriters. You can ask for a quote from the company, and rest assured that every quote complies with San Antonio insurance rules. You will not get a good to go auto quote, but the company helps you to acquire the best possible quotes based on your personal preference.


In case you have just moved to San Antonio, or this is your first insurance purchase, Texas has been implementing TexasSure policy for quite a while now. This program requires you to submit your Vehicle Identification Number, Liability Coverage, and vehicle license plate information. The database will be used by law enforcement and tax officers to identify quickly or confirm any insured and uninsured driver in the state. This rule works throughout Texas including San Antonio.

When you are requesting a quote from the official website of Good to Go Insurance in San Antonio, TX, good to (, every company listed in the network can automatically send a report of your data. All the data go to TexasSure on your behalf, and therefore you don’t actually need to take actions on your part. Once you purchase insurance from any of the recommended companies, you can register your vehicle. In Texas, it is impossible to record a car without buying insurance policy first.

The estimation concludes that 20 percent of all drivers across the State of Texas are uninsured. Be uninsured forces the remaining 80 percent to purchase optional coverage to protect themselves from the uninsured ones. The total cost for this optional coverage is estimated to reach $1 billion. TexasSure effectively helps the law enforcement office to identify and reduce the number uninsured drivers.


Some insurers in Texas also offer on the go insurance (PAYG or Pay As You Go) in which your premium is based on vehicle usage or mileage. If you drive less, you need to pay less premium fee as well. This type of insurance requires you install a monitoring device on your car so that the companies can confirm your mileage driver in real time. Good to Go Insurance does not offer PAYG, but you can still ask for a quote from the company regardless.

Besides providing the minimum liability coverage, “good to go auto insurance” can arrange your needs for extra coverage. Such as Comprehensive, Collision, and even Uninsured/Underinsured in case you are involved in an accident with such driver in San Antonio, Texas. Please also make sure to check for any available discounts and ask for eligibility requirements to help you reduce the premium cost. Many insurers offer good discounts for safe-driver, good-students, drivers that installed safety devices on the vehicles, etc.