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Are you skeptical and tired of seeing all those ads on television that promise to save you 15% or 30% on go insurance? Do you think getting a really good auto insurance policy at a great low rate is not possible? If you have recently suffered an economic hardship in recent years such as loss of employment and need to cost cut, you might be forced to cancel more expensive car insurance and look for savings. Auto Insurance is not a want but a law in every state, so if you drive a vehicle you must have the state’s minimum car insurance requirements. What is optional for you is how much coverage you get and the company you select to insure you.

Good Go Insurance Companies

1. Strong financial rating
Lets look into some basic characteristics each good insurance company should have to earn your business. The premier rating company is A.M. best. This rating service analyzes the financial strength of each licensed go insurance carrier.

Each company receives a score much like a school grading system with an A++ being the highest all the way down to an F. If a firm is bankrupt or insolvent then they receive a S grade for suspension.

The highest score an automobile insurance company can receive is an A++. This means the company has the means under almost any circumstance to pay out claims to policyholders. It also means the company has done well managing and investing the assets under management.

I strongly recommend choosing a car insurance company with at least an A rating. It is common sense but never choose a company that has a rating of C or below as they might just go bankrupt or not be able to pay on claims.

2. Good go insurance
Nothing is more important to a business than its reputation and this holds true for go insurance companies. Before you purchase a policy, go to websites like yelp and read several company reviews. Also, really focus in on claim payment reviews.

A company that has an excellent reputation on paying claims in full and on time should be an extremely important factor to you. Many cheaper auto insurance firms have low rates but poor reputations for paying claims, so do your due diligence before buying any insurance policy.

3. Excellent customer service
Make sure the automobile insurance company you do business with has 24 hour customer service. You should be able to talk to an insurance representative and have any of your questions or concerns answered anytime. Also, the company should have an easy to use website that allows online payment and claim tracking.

Now, lets look into the primary factors that will help you drive down those insurance premiums. First up, get your current credit score. Not only are car loan rates determined by your credit score but to a large extent auto insurance.

The higher your credit score is, the lower your premiums will be. If you have items on your report that you believe are false, make sure you write to all three credit bureaus and dispute the charges and get your score raised.

You might not be able to get a lower insurance rate with your current go insurance policy but when you check rates again, your higher score will undoubtedly help you.

Another key element in your insurance pricing will be the car you drive
While new cars are a bit more expensive to insure than used cars, there are many discounts you can take advantage of. If your car has front and side airbags you can expect to receive an immediate discount simply because airbags save lives and the more airbags your car has, means the less chance of catastrophic loss fatalities.

Also, anti-lock brakes are a huge plus in lowering rates. Next, does your vehicle have a “lojack” antitheft system installed. This device alone could save you 10% on your insurance costs because it’s such an effective tool in stopping car thieves. In short, the safer your car is the cheaper your insurance costs will be.

Your driving history
Everyone thinks they are a good driver but with thousands of vehicle accidents each year, the truth is there are a lot of bad drivers out there. Avoid tickets and at fault accidents at all costs and you will be rewarded with good go insurance rates.

This means in most cases being a safe, alert driver who obeys traffic laws and does not do crazy things while driving like texting and talking on cell phones. If you ever do get a ticket, make sure you go to traffic school so the points are not on your record. It’s also a great idea to take a certified driver safety class which alone can save you up to 15% on your annual premiums.

There are many other personnel factors such as your age, criminal record marital status, city you live in and even your home ownership status, that all go into factoring your quotes. In general, the more responsible person you are the lower your automobile insurance rates will be.

Get insurance discounts

Every insurance company should offer you go insurance discounts or you should take your money elsewhere. In a recent study done by a consumer watchdog group, 50 car insurance companies were called for quotes. Only 10 of the 50 insurers freely spoke of the available discounts. This means that you have to research and demand any and all discounts that may apply to you.

If you are a teacher, then get with an auto insurer that provides great discounts for teachers
Some insurers offer discounts to seniors who are older than 55 but younger than 75. IF you are in that age bracket then you can save some serious money. Many insurance companies also honor military vets and have special discounts up to 25% for active and retired personnel.

Now that you have secured all of your discounts, bundle all of your cars together and home insurance to really lower your rates even more. Insurance companies not only want your car business, but your life and home insurance. This puts you in the drivers seat when comparing rates, so make sure you get multiple quotes and see who has the lowest rates.

Good Car Insurance Quotes

Now that you have researched several companies with a strong financial rating, good reputations and made a list of available discounts, it’s time to get quotes.

To get find the lowest rates possible, get up to 10 online quotes
Each quote should only take you about five minutes to fill out. The whole quoting process should only take you between an hour and an hour and a half. After you get your insurance price quotes from each company, look at the rates in relationship to the companies reputation and business practices.

Once you feel comfortable with the company and are happy with the pricing, then its time to buy your policy. Always to remember to check rates twice a year and see if you can lower your go insurance costs.

by Toni Kohonen