How is doing Good to go insurance in Gainesville

Gainesville good to go insuranceGainesville has a population of 127,488 in 2013 US Census, but it is the largest city in North Central Florida regardless. It even has extensive road system facilitated by quite numerous routes including Interstate 75, State Routes 20, 24, and 26 among others. The city also has direct access to Orlando, Jacksonville, and Ocala thanks to US 441 and US 301 roads. Since Gainesville is located in Florida, its auto insurance regulation is governed by Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Not selling or underwriting auto insurance policy

Good to Go Insurance in Gainesville, Florida does not sell or underwrite auto insurance policies. However, it works by providing free quotes and a list of recommended companies for you to compare prices or discounts from Florida licensed insurers. Good to Go Car Insurance is a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, Inc.
Goodtogoinsurance Gainesville, this parent company currently has three subsidiaries licensed to sell and underwrite insurance policies in Florida including American Independent Insurance Company, Omni Insurance Company, and Omni Indemnity Company.

Requesting free quotes with goodtogoinsurance Gainesville

When you are requesting for free quotes from good to, the company will most likely refer you to its affiliates although it can also recommend any company within its vast network. The principal benefit is that every company recommended to you is legally licensed to do business in Gainesville, and therefore you can be sure that your policy complies with the city’s insurance regulations. Similar to every town in the state, Gainesville requires every driver to purchase at least the following coverage:

•Personal Injury Protection (PIP): this is a no-fault coverage in Florida. With this policy, your insurer will pay for your medical cost in the event of a road accident regardless of who is at fault. In additions, it also pays for income loss as a result of the crash. This coverage protects you, your family, and any individuals who drive your car (as long as they do not own a vehicle) up to the limit of the policy. The minimum limit is $10,000, but you can always purchase more than the suggested amount.

•Property Damage Liability (PDL): Unlike PIP, which pays for your medical cost and income loss, PDL pays for any property damage that you cause while you are driving your car. If you rear-end your neighbor’s car or fence, this coverage will pay for the repair, but it does not provide a payout for damages to your vehicle.

Not require coverage

Gainesville does not require you to purchase coverage that covers your car, but goodtogo insurance will offer you additional coverage including Comprehensive and Collision for better protection for your car. Although goodtogo auto insurance is mainly known to specialize in providing minimum coverage for high-risk drivers, the company also offers other types of coverage through both affiliate and non-affiliates.