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family auto insurance
Whatever type of vehicle you drive, you will need to have legal auto insurance to operate it within the law. If you have a big family, chances are you will need to insure several vehicles and purchase different types of coverage for SUVs, sports cars, a sedan or a minivan. In this case, you will need to buy family auto insurance. Driving comes with a great deal of responsibility and the insurance coverage protecting your families automobiles needs also to be taken seriously. Purchasing family automobile insurance that is both affordable and adequate in coverage should be an utmost priority.

When you choose your policy, look at the coverage that is most important to you. If you live on a farm for example and need coverage for two trucks, then you will need farm family insurance. This insurance gives special low rates to farmers and understands the special needs and concerns of these hard working Americans.

On the other hand, if you are adding a second family vehicle that will only be used on the weekends or special events, then you should bundle the coverage. You must do it together with your current policy and get only buy basic collision coverage.

Always remember when you are buying car insurance, that in addition to protecting your automobile, it also protects you financially from expensive lawsuits. The more assets your family has accumulated, the more comprehensive your insurance coverage for every vehicle need to be.

For example, in 2007 Nick Bollea was driving his father’s yellow high-performance Toyota Supra, when it crashed into a palm tree at a high rate of speed and seriously injured his friend John Graziano. Nick’s dad, the infamous Hulk Hogan was sued for millions, amounts that exceeded the car insurance coverage on his multiple family vehicles.

An out of court settlement was reached by John’s family, and Nick Bollea ended up serving 166 days in jail. This is a classic case of insuring for the unexpected and also teaching your children to drive responsibly within the law.

Family Auto Insurance Discounts

If you have multiple cars in your family, you can always find easy ways to save money on your policy.

1. Bundle your coverage onto one policy and save 10% or more.
2. Drive all of your family vehicles safely so you can qualify for good driver discounts of 10% or more.
3. Have everyone in your family take driver safety classes and most insurers will give you a 5% instant rate discount.
4. Get comprehensive coverage on the most expensive car, that is driven the most. If you have an old car in the garage that is only driven a few times a year, get basic liability coverage on it and save.
5. Raise the deductible amounts on all your family car ins vehicles. Many insurance customers can save 20% or more on their monthly premiums by having a high, $1,000 deductible.
6. Ask for any discounts you qualify for such as excellent student or military.
7. Consider adding a data tracking tool onto your car like Progressive’s “Snapshot” which could save you 15% or more.

When you are selecting family insurance coverage, make sure you do not get unnecessary “add-ons” that you will never use. For example, if your family has multiple cars, you probably do not need to get rental car coverage added to your policy because you already have access to an extra vehicle. Always review your policy carefully before purchasing and read the fine print on every page.

Shopping for Family Auto Insurance Online

By just investing a few minutes of time online, you can compare affordable family insurance rates from the comfort of your home, without ever having to talk to any pushy salesperson. If you need to get a rate estimate first, check out, which will give you unlimited free estimates in just seconds. Get started now and see how simple it is to save hundreds, by buying insurance for your family online.

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