DUI Car Insurance
dui car insurance
Getting arrested for driving under the influence can change a person’s life and not for the better. In addition to the immense emotional strain of having your vehicle towed and then locked up in jail, there are numerous financial consequences. Each state has different penalties for DUI offenses, but the national average cost of such an offense is about $10,000. Most people do not even have $10 grand in the bank, so it can ruin a person financially. Other serious penalties can be a loss of a job or being banned from a profession for life. For example, in some cities like Vegas, once you get charged with drunk driving, you can never drive a taxicab or limo. In many cases, people are caught driving intoxicated after smashing into another car and doing horrific physical damage or death to innocent people. This can result in severe financial judgments against you, which could bankrupt almost anymore.

Another financial impact is on auto coverage. If someone needs DUI car insurance after being caught, it may be difficult to get covered again. It will also be way more expensive than your old policy, which you might not be able to afford. Automobile insurers base their rates on perceived risk and then assign a monetary value for that policy based upon how risky of a driver you are. Drivers with a D-W-I are considered the highest risk motorists to insure and thus get charged significantly higher premiums.

A driving drunk conviction can cause your rates to skyrocket by 80% or more. For many people, this makes DUI auto insurance totally unaffordable. The best solution is never to set foot in a car after you have had two or more drinks, just to be on the safe side. If you have had a conviction, and you need D-U-I auto coverage, here are some helpful tips that will get you covered at lower rates.

Getting Covered after a DUI
Once your insurer finds out about your driving under the influence offense, your coverage might be dropped immediately. There’s already a good likelihood that your license is suspended, so you should not be driving anyway. Once your suspension is up and you are cleared to drive again, believe it or not, you do have several options. Some insurers specialize in insurance for high-risk drivers, which is probably your best bet. There are several national firms like “The General,” who can get you covered at decent prices. Get a free D U I car insurance quote today and get back on the road for less.

Your License will be Suspended after a DWI 
In most states, with the exception of a few Midwest states, your license will be suspended for 90 days. Some more stringent states will suspend your license for up to one year after your first conviction. If you are a repeat D-U-I offender, your license may be suspended for more than 2 years. If you do not like riding a crowded bus or bumming rides from friends, do not ever drive drunk. It might just save your life and others sharing the road with you.

SR 22  Proof of Auto Insurance
One of the things you probably will be required to get after driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense is an SR-22 legal form, to be legally compliant as a driver. The SR 2 2 insurance form is simply filed by your insurer with the DMV in your state. This insurance verification proves that you indeed have a valid auto insurance policy. Your insurer will go over the details with you, and it should only take a few minutes to get a valid S R 22 form completed and sent in. When your license is suspended, you may be required to carry an SR-22 for up to 3 years. In many states, there are strict laws that demand an SR22, or your license will be revoked.


Should you inform your Insurer about a DUI? 
Your insurer periodically will run a check on any traffic violations that are on your record. So in the long run you can be assured they will find out and then the penalties will kick in almost immediately. Some insurers check drivers records every six months or so, which may give you a little time to plan for any massive rate hikes. If you feel compelled to disclose the offense immediately, call you auto insurance agent or customer service rep and explain the situation. More than often, your agent will be able to give you helpful advice and maybe even helpful tips on how to fight the charge if you feel it was inaccurate, or it violated your constitutional rights. You will also be notified about what rate increases you can expect once your policy is adjusted for the D U I.

Some people like to know what they are facing so they can better plan ahead. If you have had a recent drunk driving conviction, perhaps you will feel better informing your insurer and being completely upfront.

DUI Rate Factors
Once a DWI is on your driving record permanently, it will cause your insurance rates to be higher for sure. How much higher will depend on factors such as your age, the car you drive and the number of points on your record to name a few. If you have a multitude of issues like a poor credit score, several at fault accidents, speeding tickets and one or more DWIs on your record against you, it may be really difficult to get an insurer to take a chance on you. If you do find an insurer, your rates will be extremely high and could very well make getting automobile insurance cost prohibitive. The best defense against higher car insurance prices is to drive responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you are intoxicated.

Your Insurer can Cancel you after a DWI
When you sign your insurance agreement, it is a non-binding policy. This means not only can you cancel the policy at any time and get cheaper coverage elsewhere, but the insurer can also cancel your policy whenever. Your essentially do not have a right to car insurance from your provider. Insurers cancel policies all the time, and one of the main reasons they do so is after someone is convicted of a DUI. Driving safely will not only keep you alive but keep you insured.

Lowering your Rate after a DUI
Even though your initial rates will surely skyrocket after a driving intoxicated conviction, after 2 or more years of clean driving, your premium should go down a lot. In addition, not having any traffic violations or accidents will demonstrate that you are a responsible driver, and your insurance costs will go down in most cases.

Get a free DUI car insurance quote online and compare rates from high risk insurers. The quote takes less than 5 minutes, and the savings can add up to hundreds of dollars.