Driving Without Insurance/Good Car Insurance

driving without insurance
Driving without insurance is not recommended at all, it’s not worth to take that risk. Driving is dangerous enough and as we all know is one of the leading causes of death in the world. However, do you ever think about how many drivers around you do not have any automobile insurance? More importantly, have you ever considered in the case of a serious accident, how much you could be severely damaged financially?

The most recent national statistics released by the Automobile club of America point out that almost one in 6 USA drivers do not have any car insurance. So pure statistics tell you that if you are in an accident, your chances are about 17% that the other party will not have any coverage. So you might be curious to know what region of the country has the highest concentration of uninsured drivers.

Southeast has the most people’s driving without insurance in the US.

The state that leads the way with uninsured drivers is Florida. Other states including Mississippi and Tennessee have a high percentage of drivers that dangerously go along day after day without carrying any automobile coverage. One of the reasons Florida leads the country with uninsured drivers is it has some of the least stringent insurance requirements and many people falsely believe that vehicle insurance is not required.

The truth is the sunshine state requires mandatory insurance coverage for all drivers with PIP or personal injury protection coverage of $10,000. Also, $10,000 for PDL or property damage is mandatory. Additionally, depending on your driving history or criminal background, the DMV can recommend a higher PIP amount based on your history. For example, lets say a Florida driver was convicted of a DUI offense.

Now that driver is of greater risk apparently of causing a future accident with significant property and physical damage. So in some cases in Florida, a DMV official will enforce additional mandatory liability coverage for high-risk drivers. This is yet another example of why it pays to obey the law and drive safely. Good Auto Insurance Coverage Getting god car insurance is for the most part acquiring the best coverage for the lowest price.

There is a sense of financial unease and worry about driving without insurance

It seems life’s essentials such as gasoline and food have gone up dramatically in recent years in addition to the volatility in the stock and housing markets. Almost everyone wants to get the cheapest auto insurance possible, but getting the right coverage is what you should really zero in on first. Here are a few tips for selecting good auto insurance.

1. Check with your state’s insurance department for the most recent mandatory insurance requirements. This will give you a blueprint of the basic coverage to get, and you can build your policy from there.
2. Take a look at your budget and realistically allocate a monthly amount you can afford for your car insurance.

This is important as the cheapest insurance coverage could in reality cost you a lot of money in the unfortunate event you are in a serious or even worse, catastrophic automobile accident. You might be at fault and be liable for serious compensation. So decide what you can afford and get good auto coverage that will not only protect you, but give you the all important peace of mind.

3. Driving without insurance? no way, get uninsured motorist protection. With nearly one in six uninsured drivers on the road every day, one of the best insurance investments you can make is to protect yourself from them. You can do this by getting affordable comprehensive insurance. This type of broader coverage is not as expensive as you might think and will cover you from nearly all vehicular accidents you may be involved in.

4. Apply for every discount you qualify for and take advantage of a little-known secret that most people never think of doing – ask for a discount directly. Insurance companies spend hundreds of dollars acquiring each customer, so if you call and ask politely for a discount, they will in all likelihood give you one. The worst case scenario is they say no and the best case is you get an instant insurance discount.

Popular discounts are safe driver allowances, teacher, and military
For those drivers who have completed a driver safety course, they usually qualify for a discount up to 15%. Shopping for good auto insurance now that you have researched your state’s requirements and have a budget set for the amount you can afford, it’s time to shop around. Getting good auto insurance rates requires you to get as many quotes as possible. Insurance rates vary from company to company so the only way to get the best deal is to get quotes from all the leading carriers.

The fastest way to get quoted is to get a free, online insurance quote

You will be surprised at how quickly you can receive a quote and probably shocked at how low the online discounted rates can be. Driving without insurance is at your risk, so don’t think about it. Get a quote now and start comparing rates.

by Toni Kohonen