Driving Without Insurance is Just Plain Stupid
driving without insurance
Almost everyone knows that you need to have your car legally insured if you are driving it. After all, every state has enacted automobile insurance laws that are designed to protect the motorist, passengers and those sharing the road. Although vehicular deaths have dropped in recent years, thanks to incredible advancements in safety technology, accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. So if you are driving without insurance, you are not only breaking the law but endangering others. Get a free good to go auto insurance quote today and get legal state auto insurance for a lot less.

Consequences of Driving with no Insurance

* Your Finances:
If you get caught driving uninsured your wallet could take a big hit. In some parts of the country, your vehicle may be towed away on the spot. This will result in you having to pay hundreds or even thousands in fees just to get your car back. Talk about a fast track to poverty. If you are in a wreck and uninsured, you may be liable for significant financial penalties, including reimbursing the other party for their medical bills and auto damages. You might save a little money in the short term, but if you get into any accident, you will pay several times over for the small amount you saved. Common sense should tell everyone to either have legal insurance while driving or not drive; it is just that simple.

* You will end up Paying More for Car Insurance
If you are caught with no automobile insurance, guess what, your rates are going to go way up. Insurance companies will view you as a risky driver and tack on a huge risk penalty. If you get caught several times, you might have a difficult time getting any coverage or be forced to pay ridiculously high rates.

* Your Driving Record will be Damaged
Not having auto insurance is an easy way to end up with a broken record. It will add points to your history with the DMV and cause your future premiums to shoot up. Maintain a clean driver record and your auto insurance costs will remain cheap.

* You may be required to get an SR-22
If you are busted on the road with illegally operating an uninsured automobile, you might be required to obtain a state SR-22 document, depending on the laws in your area. The SR22 will provide proper evidence that you meet the minimum insurance requirements in your state. The length of time you are required to maintain an SR-22 depends on the area you live in and prior incidents. Also, when you get tagged with this, insurers will be notified and will raise your rates, as you will be looked at as a risky driver. Remember too, these infractions will stay on your driving record permanently, which will cause you to pay much more for insurance later on. This is further evidence that it is just not worth the risk to go without coverage.

* You Could have your License Suspended
In the event you are caught driving without insurance, your license may be suspended. The length of time of the suspension varies by state. If you repeatedly get caught violating the insurance laws, you may have your license banned indefinitely. This could wreck havoc on your life. It might require you to make huge changes to your lifestyle like asking friends for rides all the time, catching a bus, or even riding a bike around. Get your best insurance rate now with a quick quote from good to go.

* You Could be hit with severe penalties or even Jail Time
If you get pulled over un-insured, you better have some serious money saved up because the fines are super expensive. Some state penalties start around $1,000, and if your car is towed, this could cost you hundreds more. With just one bust, you could probably afford to pay for auto ins for an entire year. Ask yourself it taking that risk makes sense. In a worst case scenario, like a major accident in which you cause serious harm to others, a judge might force you to do jail time. Judges have broad discretion in these matters, and you could go to jail for your first offense, so get coverage and stay safe.