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Probably the most customary law that affects drivers insurance, which is broken on a daily basis, is speeding. Today, cars are faster than ever and doing 80 mph cruising down the freeway often feels like 55 mph. People are also busier than ever, racing back and forth from work to home as fast as they can. Although speeding tickets can take a bite out of your wallet, the real danger is what they can do to your insurance premiums. Let us delve into the actual costs of insurance spikes after driving infractions occur.

Base your driver insurance rates on the risk you pose as a driver

One of the main factors they pay close attention to is automobile violations, such as blowing a red light or speeding. These transactions are commonly referred to as points on your driving record.

Unlike sports, the more points you add up, the more you are going to pay for auto insurance. Even a responsible driver who is caught drag racing for the first time and has no other points or tickets on their record can expect an increase from their insurance premiums of 25% or more. This is because not all traffic violations are deemed the same by insurers.

For example, if you get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt, your insurer might not penalize you at all. If however, you blow through a school zone where children are present at 60 mph and get caught, your insurance rate will escalate considerably. The insurance escalate because accidents and especially those resulting in fatalities are extremely costly to insurers. Insurance companies often have to hire expensive lawyers and payout massive claims due to irresponsible drivers.

Traffic school and Insurance

The best way to keep you insurance costs low is to drive within the speed limit and obey all traffic laws. If you do get a traffic ticket, you can avoid points on your record by going to an authorized traffic school. These classes are not as bad as you might think. Many classes have snacks and themes that keep it entertaining.

Although the class will take up a few nights of your time, it will save you some serious money in the long run. For example, let’s say you went to traffic school after you got caught doing 85 mph and avoided points on your record.

risky driving

If the insurance company applied that violation to your premium, you could end up paying $150 or more per year for auto insurance. In 3 years that would be a cost of the ticket + $450 in additional insurance expense.

So it just makes sense to go to traffic school after you receive a citation. Also, it’s smart to take a safe driver class, which can further reduce your insurance costs by as much as 10%. Another benefit to these classes is people learn about the dangers of risky driving, and often take the info to heart by becoming safer drivers. Safe, responsible drivers on the roads, mean fewer severe injuries and deaths, which is a win for everyone.

DUIs and Insurance

According to a study by the insurance institute, DUIs can cost person’s automobile insurance cost to rise by as much as 300%. Many insurers will cancel a driver immediately after the DUI is dealt on his or her record. If you pay $1,400 yearly for auto insurance, that means you could end up paying over $4,000 annually, as a result of the DUI.

These stiff penalties have seemed to deter drunken drivers, as the number of DUI-related fatalities has fallen in recent years. Since 1982, DUI related deaths based on population sampling per 100,000 US residents, has fallen 65%.


All this means that the stiff penalties imposed both by jail sentences and financial fines, along with insurance increases have not only worked but saved thousands of lives.

Drivers insurance is the cheapest when you don’t ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. If you have a DUI, sites like can help you find high-risk insurance at good rates. Check online for a no obligation rate quote.

Cheaper Insurance for good drivers

If you are a safe driver and have no tickets, then you are the perfect model customer insurance companies are looking for. Safe drivers should check insurance rates at least twice a year and see what deals are available. At go auto insurance, you can compare up to 10 insurance quotes in only minutes. Get your online quote today and start comparing rates.

by Toni Kohonen