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drive safely

Is it just me or does it seem like there are more and more crazy drivers than ever before?  While vehicles are the safest they have ever been with advanced safety controls such as air bags and anti-lock brakes, people are increasingly distracted at the wheel with electronic devices, food and out of control kids.

If you really want to lower your auto insurance rates then you need to maintain a safe driving record. This all begins with good driving habits and a defensive driving approach. Those drivers with the best driving records for an extended period of time have the lowest car insurance rates. Since claims cost auto insurers billions each year, good drivers who are accident free have rates that are typically 30% lower than drivers who have been in accidents. Almost all insurance companies give good car insurance discounts to drivers and Nationwide insurance even has a program called the vanishing deductible. This auto insurance promotion gives safe drivers cheaper insurance year by year, as long as they stay accident free.

If you have had one or more at fault accidents on your record don’t worry
There are still auto insurance companies out there that will fight for your business and give you a fair insurance rate. If you shop online and take advantage of any available discounts then you should be able to save even more.


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There’s nothing that irritates people who driver safely more than bad drivers. Bad drivers cost everyone more money because they cause the vast majority of auto accidents and insurance rate hikes.

Bad drivers

Lets take a look at some common driving behavior of bad drivers. These are all things that will surely cause serious accidents and
in many instances death. Always look out for these bad drivers and avoid them at all costs.

4 things bad drivers do that cause accidents and raise insurance costs

1. Texting while driving

Have you ever been at a long red light and then finally the light turns green and the car in front of you doesn’t move. You patiently wait and it still doesn’t move. You notice the driver is hunched over looking down and even though you honk, the light turns red again and you bang your head on the steering wheel in frustration. Today, not only do people walk while texting but unfortunately
text while driving. Texting kills and in recent years thousands of young teenagers have been seriously hurt or killed due to texting while driving. If you see a driver texting while driving and swerving all over the road call the police and you just might save their life.

2. Sending emails on smartphones or tablets

If you think nothing can be more dangerous than texting you are wrong. People seem to be so busy these days that they actually try and write emails and conduct meetings on their tablets while driving. These drivers are responsible for a lot of sudden stop
accidents such as rear end collisions because they are completely distracted with their eyes off the road. If you notice a driver that is using a tablet, get out of their way and if they are driving recklessly call the police.

3. Eating while driving

Everyone loves ice cream but it is one of the hardest food items to eat while driving. If it is a hot day and the ice cream is melting away you might be more concerned about saving your ice cream than the traffic around you. Another food item that is distracting to eat while driving is hamburgers. With ketchup oozing out of the bun and pickles falling out it’s really hard to eat a big burger while driving. Safe drivers just do not eat and drive.

4. Have an intimate encounter

Probably the most distracting thing you can do while driving is have a love encounter. Your blood starts flowing in different areas away from your head and your mind is lost in passion and not concerned about anything else. Many people always say they would love to die while making love and if you do it while driving, your wish just might come true. Safety conscious drivers never get intimate behind the wheel.

Get a quote

If you avoid these bad driving habits then you are good 2 go. The best kept secret to low cost auto insurance is being a safe, accident free driver and shopping for the greatest insurance deals. Go auto insurance will get you price quotes from up to 10 competing insurers in just five minutes. All you have to do is get a quote. With your great driving record, you should be able to save at least $550, so get quoted and start comparing rates now.

by Toni Kohonen