Distracted Driving and Insurance Rates at Goodtogo

Driving is something that almost all of us do and on a regular basis. When was the last time you noticed a bunch of people walking to the grocery store or walking to the movie theaters? Most people in the USA cannot imagine what life would be like if they did not have a car.

A typical driver just jumps in their vehicle and never thinks twice about how their driving behavior, or lack thereof, could affect the people around them. Most do not contemplate that they could not only be a nuisance to other drivers on the road but a threat to their lives. Today, it seems people are hyper busy and are engaging in distracted driving more and more. Distraction while driving has caused a jump in insurance rates for those that have been caught doing this. Distraction has also caused a national policy rates to edge up as a result of increased accidents attributed to driving while distracted.

Let’s delve into this a bit more and take a look at the most common things people do when distracted behind the wheel. Here is a brief excerpt from the NHTSA, that lists the most common actions that lead to vehicle distraction accidents.

* Talking on a cell phone while driving
* Texting while operating an automobile
* Attempting to grab something while driving
* Not paying attention to the road, such as “rubbernecking” or messing with the radio
* Reading while driving
* Personal grooming like hair care or makeup while driving

The number 1 cause of distracted driving is cell phones
According to recent reports from the CDC, nine people daily are killed in automobile accidents directly linked to distracted driving and a whopping 1,153 are injured each and every day. In 2012 alone, over 421,000 people suffered injuries as a result of an incident involving a distracted driver. This is a nearly 10% jump from 2011 statistics. Recent figures point to one in 5 accidents can be traced to driver distractions.

So what is the main culprit of this dangerous epidemic? If you guessed cell phone use, you are on the money. Each day tens of billions of text messages and calls are received or sent. Unfortunately, many people are operating motor vehicles while engaging in cell phone use. This danger behavior has not only caused a spike in accidents but an increase in insurance rates as well. Risky drivers who have gotten into accidents while using cell phones have caused premiums to go up for everyone. Insurers have had no choice but to raise the cost of insurance as the accident figures have shot up.

So you might ask what can you do to keep your insurance costs lower? The best advice is to operate your vehicle in a safe manner and follow all of the traffic laws. You cannot control the behavior of other drivers, so do not even try. Being a safe driver will help you get better car insurance premiums and save you the agony of being in an at-fault accident. You can also shop around for the cheapest car insurance online, with new quotes every six months. At good to go, we reward safe drivers with some of the best rates of any national carrier. Get started on your free quote now and save in minutes.

Safe Driving Tips that will lower your insurance costs.
1. Never use a cell phone while driving a car. Some people may think they can get a quick text in at a stop light or make a call on the freeway, but the unexpected can happen anytime when driving. If you’re not fully alert on the road, you have a greater chance of getting into an accident. If you get a call, do not answer it until you have safely parked your vehicle.

2. Do not speed. Speeding and driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. If the road conditions are poor, such as snow or heavy rain, take extra precautions and slow down.

3. Never drink and drive. One of the leading causes of vehicular deaths is drunk driving. Always have a designated driver on nights out that involve drinking and never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Not only can risky behavior cause serious accidents but it can affect your insurance rates drastically. If you are charged with an at-fault accident that was precipitated by a text message that distracted you, expect your insurer to raise your rates 25% or more. If you get hit with two or more at-fault accidents the resulted from your distracted driving behavior, your rates could double, or your policy could get canceled. The best solution to this is always to be a safe and a distraction free driver. Not only will you likely live a lot longer, but you will have cheaper insurance too.