Direct Car Insurance

direct car insuranceBuying car insurance has changed quite a bit the past two decades since the internet came along. Gone are trips to the local brokers office where you have to take the insurance rates that are offered. A new generation of consumers is getting direct car insurance online and saving loads of money. Once users go direct, they often find savings of $500 or more over their previous premiums.

Advantages to Buying Direct Auto Insurance. 
The first considerable advantage is the ability to compare rates from multiple providers and select the policy that best fits you. In essence, you are in total control of the buying process and have the ability to find the top deals from the privacy of home. The other plus is convenience. Most direct insurers let you:

  1. Buy your policy direct online. 

Many direct automobile insurers let you create the coverage you want and purchase the policy all online. This saves people so much time and money.

  1. Print out your I.D. cards online

After you buy your direct car ins policy, you can often print out your proof of insurance I.D cards on-line. You do not need to wait days for them to come in the mail. This is a huge convenience and a big time saver.

  1. Make changes to your policy

When you have an online coverage, you can login and request changes, like adding another vehicle, increasing coverage, or even canceling your policy.

  1. File a claim

You can file a direct insurance claim online and later track the progress of it, all at your convenience.

Direct Car Insurance Quotes

In the last several years, more providers have offered car insurance quotes on-line. Some companies like Esurance boast that they are a pure internet insurer, with cost cutting rates other competitors cannot match. When you search for quotes, make sure you get the coverage you want, matched with the lowest rates. Some web-based insurance companies have teaser rates, but it is often for cheap liability only coverage. If you have substantial assets to protect, you are most likely going to need a full coverage policy.

It is smart to decide on the type of coverage you need before you sit down and apply for direct auto insurance quotes. Once you’ve done that, then it comes down to applying for at least ten quotes and then comparing rates. The more quotations you get, the more of a rate pool you will have to select from. Some companies charges a lot more than others for the same coverage, so take your time and shop around.

When you have picked out a career, do some extra research on the companies financial health and overall customer satisfaction reputation. Go to A.M. Best and research the carrier’s financial health and 5-year track record. If they get grades of B or higher, you can feel assured they are solid, well-managed company. However, if they get a rating of C or lower, stay away no matter how low the quote is. The last thing you want is to file a massive claim after a terrible accident, only to find out the insurer has gone out of business.

Direct Car Insurance Information

To get you accurate prices, you will be asked to fill out a detailed insurance application. Not all insurers ask the same questions, but here is a sample of the most common required info:

*  Automobile
The make, model and year of your vehicle

Do you own the car or is it financed – leased

Is the vehicle for personal or business use

How many miles do you drive on average monthly

Number or cars you will be ensuring

Number of people that will be on the car insurance policy

*  Personal Info
Your age and birthdate
Your gender/sex
Social Security number (this is used for a credit check)
Home ownership status (do you own your home or rent)
Marital status
Job or occupation  (if you are unemployed there is usually a field to check)

*  Driving Record
Any points that are on your record.
The number of violations you’ve had.
Auto accidents and the number of at-fault incidents.
How long you have had a license.

*  Automobile History
Are you currently insured?
Your current insurer?
The expiration date of your policy?

These are the most common questions you will be asked when you apply for direct insurance quotes. Every provider is different, and it might take you a lot longer to fill out a quotation with one insurer than another. Make sure you have all your vehicle information ready before you get quoted and a copy of your current policy.

Now you are prepared to get your free, direct auto insurance quote. Let Good to Go help you find a great policy. You can compare rates from dozens of insurers in just a few short minutes and save hundreds.