Good to go auto insurance – Dallas, TX

Good to go insurance - Dallas, TX The huge company “Good to go insurance” also have offices in Dallas, TX. The city is on the main list as one of the biggest not only in Texas but the United States. The city is a populous metropolitan area, ranked number ninth in U.S. and third in Texas after Houston and San Antonio. According to U.S. census, in 2010, Dallas had a population of about 1,197,000 what it make it perfect for the firm ( and this number increased to more than 1,281,000 in 2014.

Alternative to cars
Similar to many major cities in the States, the most common means of transport is the automobile. There have been efforts to introduce available alternatives to a car such as bicycling paths, walking paths, light rail lines, and more. Dallas is also the center of the largest metropolitan area in the States. Automobile transportation is served by four major highways including Interstate 20, 30, 35E, and 45. The Interstate Highway System also strengthens Dallas’ reputation as a transportation hub.

Easy way to get information about car insurance

With the high number of vehicles on the road, the risk of accidents also increases accordingly. If you have recently moved to Dallas or currently in the market for renewal goodtogo auto insurance in Dallas can recommend some companies that you can trust to handle all the underwriting processes. They can do it in ease way, to instantly report your insurance information to the insurance department, and, of course, to provide affordable coverage that complies with the state’s regulation. When it comes to auto insurance, Dallas, and all cities within Texas border use the rule set by Texas Department of Insurance.

Good2Go Auto Insurance is an insurance agency licensed in Dallas, Texas. It does not, however, offer automobile insurance in the state. It does its services by referring you to other companies within its network, which are all subsidiaries of A.I.C, Inc. There are three subsidiaries that currently offer automobile insurance in Dallas, Texas; they are Omni “Indemnity/Insurance” Company, and Bankers Independent Ins. Company. This referral system allows goodtogo auto insurance to make sure that policies you always purchase, comply with the rules regulated by Texas Department of Insurance.

Proof of financial responsibility

The law says that every driver in Dallas is required to have a proof of financial responsibility. There are some methods to do that, but the easiest way is to purchase liability insurance with the recommended limit. Liability insurance means you should pay for damages or medical cost for the other person involved in an accident that you caused. Anytime you are liable for damages and injuries; you have the responsibility to pay for the repair and medical treatments.

In Dallas, your insurance policy must be at least in the following limits:

• Bodily Injury Liability for every person injured in an accident: $30,000
• Bodily Injury Liability for anyone injured in each circumstance: $60,000
• Property Damage for an accident: $25,000

Liability does not pay for your injuries, but good to go auto insurance
Liability insurance does not pay for damages to your car and medical treatment for your wounds. For those types of financial protections, you can get additional coverage including Collision and Comprehensive from good to go insurance. Collision pay for damages to your car caused by accidents while Comprehensive also pay for damages caused by non-accidents for examples falling objects, vandalism, fire, etc. Other methods to acquire proof of insurance include a surety bond, cash deposit as much as $55,000, and certificate of self-insurance that will only come if you own more than 25 cars.

The minimum limits mentioned above are the lowest possible you can purchase.
If the cost for car repair and medical treatments is higher than that, the residual amount may not be covered by the insurance company. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase greater than the minimum liability requirement because price for car restoration and medical cost lead to increasing over time. In case you are considered high-risk driver for various reasons, good to go auto insurance will still provide the minimum liability coverage that complies with the law. Coverage for a high-risk driver, or more commonly referred to as non-standard coverage, is usually more expensive.

With good 2 go auto insurance, you are also given three different payment options including:

• Economy Plan: in a straightforward way this is monthly payment to cover a full calendar year.
• Quarterly Plan: you are allowed to break down the payment for a year on the quarterly basis.
• Annual Plan: the payment is done upfront, so there will be only one simple payment in a year.


According to Texas Department of Insurance, about 20% of drivers in Texas are uninsured; that is about one in every five drivers. The estimation point that insured drivers pay a collective amount of up to $1 billion every year for optional coverage because of an uninsured driver. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, it may take long before you can get any compensation for damages or injuries. So it is worth to get your financial protection rather than waiting for the lengthy process to get compensation from the uninsured ones. Because of this, the state has a verification program called TexasSure to help minimize the number.

Audit process and license

Every insurance company that is licensed to sell insurance policies in Dallas, Texas, is required to help consumers to complete the verification process. Some information will be reported to TDI for examples liability coverage and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Every subsidiary of the A.I.C “American Independent Companies”, Inc. referred to you by goodtogo auto insurance will help you in the verification process so that you can drive legally as soon as you purchase the insurance. Good to go auto insurance makes sure that your insurance company will handle this procedure so there will be no action required on your part.