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what is comprehensive insurance
To the uninitiated, trying to figure out the best auto insurance policy to buy can be really confusing, with terminology and lingo that seems to many like a strange foreign language. Anyone that is looking into purchasing auto insurance, should first become familiar with the major types of coverage.

One type of automobile coverage that is at the core of a quality insurance plan is comprehensive insurance. The very meaning of the term comprehensive insurance should clue you into its coverage scope. This added protection on your auto policy will cover you for damages to your vehicle other than damage caused as a result of a collision. So think of all the things that could happen to your car such as a fire, a bird hitting your windshield, wind aided out of control shopping carts, hail that dents your car up, or vandals that slash your tires.

There are numerous ways unexpected damage could be done to your car, so this added layer of coverage is recommended. It is also important to note that claims that fall under comprehensive coverage do not count against you nearly as much as collision claims. This is because most often, comprehensive insurance claims are beyond a drivers control, regardless of how safe the driver was and are less common than a normal car accident.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Usually, comprehensive auto insurance is bought as an extension of a persons liability and collision plan. This coverage, unlike liability insurance, is not mandatory but rather supplemental to your state’s legal policy coverage requirements. As a rule of thumb, the more money you have invested in your vehicle, the better your need for comprehensive insurance coverage is, so you can properly protect your investment. For example, lets say you have a new $65,000 aluminum body Jaguar and you skip out on comprehensive coverage because you think you are the world’s best driver.

You then go to a mall and while you are shopping away a minivan pulls up close to your Jag and a kid slams open the door, putting a big dent in your new Jag. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage protects you from such unexpected events, that are totally beyond your control.

Remember how expensive cars are to repair and ask yourself if you could afford a major auto body repair, if such an incident happened today. If the answer is no, then get covered. Sites like GoodtogoInsurance.net will search numerous top rates insurers and find you the best comprehensive policy, at the lowest rates.

Custom Comprehensive Car insurance

You can add extra coverage to your policy such as towing, labor, and rental car cost reimbursement. Just make sure you do not insure for coverage you already have like towing. Many people have towing coverage with auto clubs like Triple A, making comprehensive towing coverage unneeded.

It is also smart to get a policy that you feel comfortable with
Most policies will replace your automobile for its current “cash value” while other policies, such as those of Liberty Mutual, will insure you for the replacement cost of the car.

If you have a nearly new car, consider getting a comprehensive policy that will replace the vehicle. To compensate for this added insurance expense, get a higher deductible. Many people save on comprehensive insurance by having deductibles of $1,000, or even higher.

If you do go with a higher deductible, make sure that you have the deductible amount saved up, in the event you need to file a claim. If you are one of those people that for whatever reason can never save any money, then it might be smart to go with a lower deductible, although you will be paying more on your insurance premium.

Cheap Comprehensive Insurance

Thanks to the internet, saving money on comprehensive car insurance is easier than ever. All you need is five minutes to apply for a free online quote at top sites like GoodtoGoInsurance.net.

Your information is matched with national insurance carriers, who will quote you their lowest rate

Many customers who use sites like GoodtoGoInsurance.net have saved up to $550 annually on their car insurance.

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