Compare Auto Insurance Companies

compare auto insurance companiesYou would never buy an expensive car without first driving it. You also would make sure to shop around online for the dealer that has the best price for the car you want. The same thing is true with car insurance. To get the best rate for the coverage you want, you should compare auto insurance companies online so you can save the most money.

Many people mistakenly believe most auto insurance rates are about the same for each coverage type, but that is not true. The truth is that the quotes can vary quite a bit from each carrier and by comparing car insurance online, you can often save $500 or more on your policy. That is a lot of money considering a quote only takes 5 to 10 minutes to fill out.

Get Accurate Car insurance Quotes Online

One of the best things about shopping online for automobile coverage is each company is fighting for your business and offering incredible deals. The online companies are all striving to provide a great buying experience and the lowest possible rates. The big winner in the online insurance marketplace is the consumer.

Many companies like Esurance and 21st are publishing real-time quotes that you can lock in and buy online. In the old days, often times a customer would call a broker or agent and get a rough quote, only to be sold a much more costly policy later on. The internet has allowed almost everyone to compare multiple car insurance quotes and click and buy a policy online. The customer now has total control over the online car insurance buying experience. Get accurate car ins quotes now and save up to 45% in just a few minutes.

Get the Coverage you want and Save

There are many different ways you can save on your auto policy. The first step is to decide on the coverage that you need. In many cases, your automobile will be leased or be financed. If this is the situation, you will be required with most companies to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage. If you get a full coverage policy, there are still steps you can take to lower your costs. An easy way to get lower premiums is to raise your deductible amounts.

The greater your deductible is, the more you can save on your premium. A $1,000 deductible could save you between 25% to 30% on your policy costs. So going this route will get you excellent coverage that will protect you adequately, at a lower rate. The only drawback is you need to set aside the full deductible amount, so in the event you are involved in an accident, the money is already there and you can file your claim without additional stress.

If you only need liability coverage, you could get a super cheap policy. Each state sets their own liability minimums, so check with your state insurance department to see that exact amount of coverage you need. The liability amounts change from time to time, so getting the legal amount of liability coverage is imperative.

If you have a car that is older and you do not drive it much, a minimum state liability policy might be all that you need. Depending on several factors such as your driving record and credit, you can get covered for as low as $39 a month. To get low rates, you need to compare auto insurance companies and get as many discounts as you can.

Get Direct Auto Insurance Discounts

Every carrier has discounts available, but people often don’t take advantage of them. People do not take them due to a number of reasons, but often the customer does not realize they qualify. If you are an active military member or vet, go with a provider that offers this type of car insurance discount. If you are over the age of 55, compare auto insurance quotes with companies that give discounts to seniors. The most important thing is always to take advantage of every discount you are qualified for.

Compare auto insurance companies with Good-to-Go first. With just one click, you can check rates from 10 or more national carriers. Get started now and see how easy it is to save $500 or more on your automobile insurance.