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classic car insuranceHidden away in garages all over America are thousands of classic automobiles that for one reason or another passed the test of time. For some, it was a first kiss in the back of an old 56 Chevy that created a bond with a car that lasted a lifetime. For others, these old timer cars are restored to their former beauty and are seen as beloved investments.

Recently in the news, an old garage in France uncovered a huge collection of 60 classic automobiles valued at approximately $18 million. With valuations like that, these old road warriors need classic car insurance coverage to protect such valuable investments. Another recent sale of a classic Ferrari GTO netted the seller $38 million. With such high prices on certain makes and models of vintage cars, selecting the best classic auto insurance is a critical component to ownership.

What is Classic Car Insurance

Some people think their 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a classic automobile. However, most classic auto insurance companies define cars made in 1979 or before as classic or vintage automobiles. So if you have an old Datsun from the 80s in your garage, you should have no problem getting it insured under a normal auto policy. If however, your car is a 70s model or older, you might want to check with your insurer because they might not be able to insure it. Most old cars do not comply with the strict safety standards of modern cars and many insurance carriers look at these vehicles as too risky and don’t insure them.

While it is possible to get a classic car insurance policy with a traditional insurer like Geico, many people have turned to specialty insurers. One popular insurer is Hagerty insurance, which only insures classic cars and has been a leader in this niche market for decades. Hagerty insurance professionals know classic auto insurance backwards and forwards, along with hundreds of car models. They understand that for most owners, a vintage car is more than transportation and is part of the family. Get a free quote now and compare classic automobile insurance online in just a few minutes.

Typical categories that need classic auto insurance coverage

* Collector & antique automobiles
* Hot rods
* Classic trucks
* Classic low riders
* Muscle cars
* Vintage motorcycles
* Older military vehicles

Unfortunately, not all automobiles can be insured, even through classic auto insurance companies. Most off-road rides like dune buggies and racing cars are hard to insure. If you have a dune buggy or a go-kart that needs insurance, then check with a specialty insurer that covers these smaller niches.

Best Classic Car Insurance Plans

Buying vintage auto insurance is a little more complicated than most insurance plans. It is important that you assess the value of your collector car, so you can get the proper level of coverage. If your car is a gem and is worth a serious hunk of change, then insuring it will take on more importance.

It is important to remember that while most modern cars depreciate rather fast, classic automobiles often appreciate. This is an important consideration to think about when you buy coverage amounts. Also, many people with cheap used cars that are a few years old, often go with basic liability coverage. If your classic auto is both appreciating in value and is currently worth a lot of money, you should strongly consider buying a comprehensive insurance plan. This way you will have full protection for your beloved automobile even if a tree falls over and smashes it, or a deer jumps through the windshield.

Classic Car Insurance Quotes

You can get cheap collector car insurance rates if you garage your automobile and if you drive it on a limited basis, or fewer than 500 miles per month. Most insurers know that owners typically drive safer with the cars they love and pass along extra savings because of this. You can also find cheaper vintage car insurance if you are married, have excellent credit and own a home. Remember that quotes can take a little longer because the insurer is writing a custom insurance policy, specific to your vehicle.

This includes:

1. Vehicle make, model, year and current mileage
2. The number of miles driven annually
3. Aftermarket modifications
4. Driving record of the primary driver, including all accidents, plus additional drivers that will be added onto the policy
5. A photo of the automobile

Get an online quote now and see how low rates can be for your classic automobile.