Cheapest Car Insurance in New Jersey

cheapest car insurance in New Jersey
Most people think of New York as a populated area, but let’s not forget their close neighbor to the south, New Jersey. Nicknamed the garden state, NJ has more residents per square mile than any other in the U.S. This northern state is attractive for its natural beauty, along with its famous boardwalk and casinos. Jersey natives also love their cars and have a passion for driving. If you drive in this area, you need be insured, because it is the law. There are strict penalties for anyone caught driving without legal automobile ins. Now that you know you need to get covered, you might be wondering who has the cheapest car insurance in New Jersey? After all, you work hard for your money and want to make it stretch as far as possible.

N.J has mandatory laws for all drivers who operate a motor vehicle; this includes maintaining the current minimum liability ins coverage. Drivers must carry proof of insurance I.D. cards at all times, in the event, they are pulled over or in an accident. If caught driving uninsured, penalties can start with a hefty fine and escalate to license suspension, or even jail time for repeated violators. Least of all, your vehicle will get impounded and will result in massive financial fees that could put you in serious financial trouble. Let good to go insurance help you find the lowest rates on car insurance today, with a free quick quote.

New Jersey Auto Insurance Requirements

The best way for those on a super tight budget is to opt for basic auto insurance coverage. This starter liability policy will be limited in what it covers and might not fully protect you if you get into a big accident. The legal required N-J policy will include just $10,000 in bodily injury damages and only $5,000 in property damage liability. You will also be getting PIP or personal injury protection of $15,000 and permanent injury coverage up to $250,000. The real thing is a minimum New Jersey auto insurance plan can be purchased for about $49 month, for those qualifying customers. To qualify, you must have no or few points on your record, good credit and drive a car that’s cheap to insure. Get your no obligation good to go ins quote now and compare competitive rates online in less than 10 minutes.

If you are leasing or drive a bank financed vehicle in NJ, you will be required to carry comprehensive and collision ins. This broader coverage provides protection for almost anything that can happen to your automobile, including natural weather events like flooding or fire. Finance companies require this extra protection to secure their loan amount will be recovered in the event the vehicle is totaled. Many new cars cost over $35,000 these days, and they need to be adequately insured against loss. Some drivers opt for New Jersey gap insurance, which is protection against being financial upside down in a vehicle. Gap ensures the protection of the difference in what is owed to the finance company and what the car is currently worth. Cars depreciate quickly and a lot faster than most people pay down their auto loans. If you owe more than $3,000 on your car loan than its present worth, consider adding this important coverage.

The cheapest NJ car ins should be thought of first regarding quality coverage at the best price. You need to determine what amount of protection you need to protect your assets. Next and only after you have decided on coverage amounts, look for the lowest price for that policy. Remember, having a cheap limited auto policy can potentially get you sued for huge amounts. This is because if you are ever involved in an at-fault accident and cause extensive damage to another person or their property, you can be held liable for financial damages. At good to go, find your complete auto insurance solution online today. Whether you need a simple liability only policy or comprehensive protection, we will get you covered for less.

New Jersey Auto Insurance Companies

There are some large and diversified casualty insurance providers in the garden state. Here is a list of the major carriers in NJ that are licensed to sell automobile insurance.

* 21st Century Insurance of New Jersey
* Ace Insurance Group
* Allstate Insurance of New Jersey
* American Commerce Insurance
* Amica
* Bristol West
* California Casualty
* Chubb
* Cincinnati Insurance Co
* Citizens Insurance NJ
* Encompass Insurance N.J
* Electric Insurance of N.J.
* Esurance Online
* Farm Family
* Farmers Insurance in New Jersey
* Firemans Ins
* Fitchburg
* Founders
* Hanover
* Harleysville Ins
* The Hartford Insurance
* IDS Property and Casualty
* IFA Insurance
* Integon National Insurance Co
* Kemper Insurance
* Liberty Mutual
* Mercury Ins
* MetLife
* MIC General Ins Corp.
* NJ Manufacturers Ins
* Nationwide Mutual
* New Jersey Skylands Ins
* Personal Insurance Co
* Plymouth Rock Insurance
* Privilege Insurance
* Progressive Insurance in New Jersey
* Selective Insurance Company
* State Farm Insurance in NJ
* Travelers Group
* USAA Group

So what insurer has the Cheapest car insurance in New Jersey? There have been several sets of quotes tested by consumer groups in recent years. In general, Jersey drivers can find the best overall rates with the primary insurer – NJM Insurance or New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. This leading insurer knows the market well and is favored by local drivers. It also has the lowest prices for drivers under 25, drivers who commute long distances and provides awesome discounts. The price winner then is NJM insurance company. Compare N-J-M insurance rates now, with an instant good to go auto insurance quote and find online discounts that can lower your premiums even more.