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Are you in the market for new coverage or just want to see if you can lower your rates a bit? Are you curious who has the cheapest car insurance in Iowa?

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Besides being one of the countries most important agricultural states, Iowa is famous for its political importance. Every four years the political cycle starts off in the “corn state.” Politicians from both parties spend months in the area trying to woo voters. The biggest city is Des Moines, with a population over 200,000. While that might not seem much to other mega metro areas like LA and New York, remember that Iowa is largely agricultural. Despite the area’s reliance on producing food products, in recent years, efforts have been made to balance out the economy, with a move towards tech jobs. Three tech giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft, have all invested heavily in the area recently with massive data centers. This has shaped a more broad-based economic future and helped create less of a dependency on farming.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Iowa

The average auto insurance rates in Iowa are lower than the surrounding Midwestern states. One recent consumer study found Iowans paying about $1,060 yearly for coverage. This is about 25% less than nearby Kansas. Some of the factors that go into the lower premiums in Iowa are fewer accidents and automobile thefts. There just are not as many big urban areas in Iowa and heavy traffic congestion. Car thieves are out there, most often in the bigger cities. There are approximately 750 automobile thefts just in Des Moines every year, but nothing like Los Angeles and Dallas. This amounts to about 2 vehicles per day. Also, the crime rate is lower than the national average, including a lower car theft rate. Get your Iowa car insurance quote today with good to go insurance. Find a cheaper rate and get enhanced coverage all online.

Iowa Auto Insurance Factors
Des Moines has some of the highest automobile costs of any city in Iowa. This is expected due to the higher rates of collisions and thefts than other cities in the state. Residents can expect to pay about 30% more for a general plan in Des Moines. There are simple things you can do however to get your insurance costs lowered no matter where you live. These includes:

  • 1. Drive a car that is Cheap to Insure
  • 2. Take advantage of all online discounts that you qualify for. This includes military, good student, and discount teacher programs.
  • 3. Keep your Credit Score high
  • 4. Keep a clean Driving Record
  • 5. Drive Less Miles

Some of the elements insurers use to get rates are beyond your control like your sex or previous at-fault accidents. However, there are several things you can work on that can lower the cost of insuring your vehicle quite a bit. This includes maintaining a good if not excellent credit profile. Insurers are placing more weight recently on individual credit scores. Companies will charge more for coverage to motorists who may have a clean driving record but have filed bankruptcy recently. Another factor that can lower coverage costs is installing an advanced security system such as a GPS-monitored unit. This will get you a discount of about 2%. Get your free good to go auto insurance quote online and get covered for less.

Iowa Insurance Laws and Limits

Iowa requires residents to carry certain amounts of minimum auto insurance coverage:

* $20,000/$40,000 of Minimum Protection for bodily injury and liability
* $15,000 Minimum Liability Protection for Property Damage

There are no compulsory automobile coverage laws in Iowa. Drivers, however, are required to show financial responsibility if they cause injuries or harm to others, including damage to property. Even though the state’s minimums are low – $20,000 for each person and $40,000 per total accident in liability limits for bodily injuries, it is highly recommended to get more coverage. Most insurance agents will advise customers to get limits of 100/200/50. The more assets you have to protect the higher your coverage limits should be.

Get Cheap Iowa Auto Insurance Online
To get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa, you should shop on the web. Insurers understand that most people now start their comparison shopping online with quotes. This means you can get direct auto insurance at a lower rate than if you called up an agent or broker. At good to go insurance, you can compare up to ten or more quotes at once and get instant discounts to save even more. All 50 states are covered, including Iowa. All you need to do is get started and apply for your custom quote.