Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

get cheap car insurance quotes
Looking for the cheapest car insurance can be a lot like searching for the perfect mate. It can take weeks, if not months and lead to lots of frustration. In the last few years, however, consumers have taken control of the insurance buying process.

Gone are the days of slick brokers pushing customers into commission first policies that often have expensive, unneeded coverage. Today, almost anyone with an internet connection can get cheap car insurance quotes in a few minutes. Your objective should be to get the maximum coverage that protects you fully, at the lowest price.

If you are looking for a basic car insurance package, you will need a policy that covers you for losses related to personal property as a consequence of a traffic accident. You will also need to be covered for injuries sustained by all parties affected by the incident. In general, the more coverage you get, the more expensive your premiums will be. However, if you have amassed a lot of assets, you will need to have more coverage to protect those assets from the hands of aggressive lawyers. So getting the cheapest auto insurance depends a lot on your personal situation and the coverage that makes sense for you at a certain point in life. Once you have determined the type of policy and coverage amounts you need, then you can comparison shop and see who has the best overall rates. Driving without car insurance is against the law in almost every state, so you must be insured if you do drive.

How Car Insurance Works

A general car insurance policy will cover:

* Damage to property

* Injuries

* Medical Costs

Optional add-ons to your policy are:

* Comprehensive Coverage

* Uninsured Motorists Protection

* Roadside Assistance

* Rental Car Reimbursement

Auto Insurance Cost Factors
Getting the cheapest auto insurance is all about risk control. Insurers base premiums to a large extent on the potential risk a person poses. There are certain essential things like an individual’s age that can cause wide variances in pricing. Here are a few main elements that will determine your price quotes.

* Your age and sex

* The zip code you reside in

* The type of car you drive

* Your credit score

* Your driving record

* Home Ownership

* Marital status

* Driving experience

Let’s start off with age and sex. Did you know females get cheaper car insurance rates than men? Most women would say this is true because they are better drivers. Although that is a hotly contested debate that has been raging for generations, the facts are, women get in far fewer accidents that men. Stats do not lie, and insurance companies pass along discounts to female drivers.

Another huge factor in getting cheap auto insurance rates is your age. If you are a new driver, only 16 or 17, you better have some big bucks for insurance. Teens pay nearly double on average what adults pay for the same type of coverage. Stats show that teenage drivers get in more collisions and take more risks while behind the wheel that drivers over the age of 25. It is a sad fact that the leading cause annually of teenage deaths is vehicular accidents. Today, more young drivers are texting and talking on cell phones while driving; this has caused an increase in crashes and insurers have been forced to raise rates on teen policies. The best thing for a young driver is to stay on their parents plan and never get a ticket or accident.

Where you live will also determine your personal car insurance rates. Insurers factor in the annual accidents in each zip code area, in addition to car theft occurrences. If you live in a really dense are like downtown Chicago, you will be paying more than a driver out in the middle of rural Kansas, where someone is more likely to get hit by a tractor than an automobile.

The car you own will also be a huge factor in getting cheap automobile coverage. The more expensive your vehicle is, the more you will be paying to insure it. This is common sense because a $45,000 vehicle that was severely damaged in an accident will cost more to repair or replace than a $4,000 used car. You can get discounts, though if you have safety features like anti-lock brakes and airbags. Get a quote today and compare the cheapest car insurance rates in your area.

Insurers have placed more emphasis recently on a person’s credit rating. The theory goes, the more responsible someone is with their money, the more competent driver they will be. Although this is not always the case, because bad things happen to good people, like divorces and home foreclosures. Keep a good credit rating and you will get better rates on car ins.

Go Online for Cheap Rates
Once you have an idea of the coverage you want, it’s time to check some real rates. The best place to start is online with a free rate quote at good to go insurance. We search dozens of providers to help you get cheap car insurance quotes online. In only 5 minutes, you will be matched with multiple insurance offers. Start saving on auto insurance today.