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cheap car insurance for students
So you’ve gotten accepted and made the big jump to college. While that alone is a big achievement, paying for college and life in general can sometimes feel like an even bigger challenge. For many new college students, having their first real sense of freedom is both exciting and a little scary to most. For many young college students, paying the bills and having any money left over at the end of the month is quite challenging.

Having a car on campus can be fun but also comes with extra costs that can really weigh on a student’s budget. For the “Chow mein” eating underclassmen who has a car, getting cheap car insurance for students becomes all the more important. While it may seem somewhat oxymoronic applying cheap car insurance to very young drivers, there are proven things students can do to get the lowest student auto insurance rates available.

Car insurance discounts for students

1. Get on your parents policy.
Even if you bought an old car with your part-time job as a high school student and purchased your own policy online, you might need to make an adjustment. If you want the truly cheapest auto insurance for college students, you should add your car onto your parents policy. This might take a little parent convincing on the students part, but it will save you 10% or more.

2. Your cars location can save you a lot.
If you have your vehicle added onto your parents policy and only drive it part of the year, keep your parents home address.
If you list the college campus as the cars primary location, you will likely pay at least 10% more for the same coverage.

3. Stay ticket free.
Yes, most young people feel like they are invincible and often do risky driving maneuvers behind the wheel.
The combination however of tickets plus the young age of the driver can cause your student car insurance rates to explode. Drive safe every time you go out and abide by all of the traffic laws and you will get cheap student car insurance.

4. Stay DUI free.
If you are a college student with a car and are out partying every weekend, do not drink and drive. If you get busted with a DUI, your student automobile insurance just might triple or your insurer might cancel the policy altogether. If you go out drinking, always use a designated driver who is sober and keep your driving record clean.

5. Get a car that is cheap to insure.
If you have a great driving record and are a good student, all that can be cancelled out if you insure the wrong vehicle. Take a look at the top 10 most popular stolen vehicles list, published each year. Guess what, insurers know this list all too well and have raised rates on each of these cars. Go with an older sedan like a Volvo or Kia if you truly want to get cheaper student auto insurance and save.

6. Driver safety class.
Taking a certified driving class is one of the best investments of your time you can make. The classes are often given by retired highway patrol officers who have a wealth of information to share about driving properly and defensively.
Take the class before you start your college year and you can qualify for a discount of about 5%.

7. Good student car insurance discount.
Hard work in the classroom pays off in many ways. One benefit to college students with good grades is they can take advantage of major car insurance discounts. Insurers have numerous studies that show diligent, stable students translate into more responsible drivers, who get in far fewer accidents. The statistics just don’t lie and lower risk drivers get lower rates. Nearly all of the major car insurance carriers offer good student discounts of at least 5%.

Some insurers however will offer discounts of 10% which can really help you get the cheapest student auto insurance and free up extra spending money. To qualify for this discount, most car insurers require the student to be 25 or younger, enrolled at college full-time and carry a minimum B average. If you currently do not quite have a B or higher GPA, work on getting it. Once you make the B or higher GPA, take advantage of this important discount.

Resident student auto insurance

If you are a college student who has a car but will not be taking it to campus, you may qualify for a resident student auto insurance discount. Most insurers will require that the campus is at least 100 miles away and may ask for additional proof that the vehicle will only be driven by the student while back at home. A resident student car insurance plan is a great way to still be able to drive on breaks and not have to worry about the high expense of car costs while school is in session.

Get student car insurance online

College students do everything online it seems these days. From buying college textbooks to shoes, the internet is the first stop for millennials. Buying student car insurance online is smart for a number of reasons. College students in a matter of minutes can compare rates from dozens of insurers, just by getting free online quotes. Getting quotes puts you in charge of the decision process and allows you to feel secure in your insurance choices. Apply for student vehicle insurance now and take advantage of special online discounts.

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