State Farm Commercials

November 2, 2015

State Farm Commercials Who would have thought 15 or 20 years ago that some of the most creative and entertaining commercials would be created by insurance companies? It seems Geico insurance really initiated boom with their popular Gecko the Geico series, which features a talking lizard that promises to save consumers 15% or more on their car insurance. As Geico read more (…)

Auto Insurance and Accidents

October 18, 2015

Auto Insurance and Accidents For the past few decades, car accidents have been trending down, this can be attributed to many things such as advancements in automobile technology like anti-lock brakes, better stability control systems, advanced tires and so on. Vehicles today have amazing technology that pioneers like Henry Ford could never have imagined. Some automobiles even have advanced warning read more (…)

Distracted Driving and Insurance Rates

October 8, 2015

Distracted Driving and Insurance Rates at Goodtogo Driving is something that almost all of us do and on a regular basis. When was the last time you noticed a bunch of people walking to the grocery store or walking to the movie theaters? Most people in the USA cannot imagine what life would be like if they did not have read more (…)

Car Insurance Premiums

September 30, 2015

Car Insurance Premiums at Goodtogoinsurance When you buy a new vehicle policy, the actual amount you pay out for the coverage you have purchased is called the premium. Just as the levels of coverage you get will vary greatly, so will your car insurance premiums. In simple terms, the amount you pay for your insurance is the premium cost. This read more (…)

Smart Car Insurance

September 26, 2015

Smart Car Insurance Comparing auto insurance for many can be a hassle. After all, who has the time to search dozens of websites and compare numerous car insurance quotes? Things would be so much easier if you could find one site that checks the rates of all the top USA auto insurance carriers and then provides a detailed rate chart. At Good to read more (…)

Collectible Car Insurance

September 19, 2015

Collectible Car Insurance at Good to go It might not make sense at first thought, that getting collectible car insurance could be more affordable than ensuring a new vehicle. The primary reason classic automobiles are often cheaper to insure is quite straightforward. Classics are adored and pampered by their owners and insurers reward owners with lower rates because of this. read more (…)

Economy Auto Insurance

September 15, 2015

Economy Auto Insurance We all want cheaper auto insurance so we can lower our household budget, but most people are confused how to get it. Most people know that an easy way to find economy auto insurance is to go online, but they often do not know what coverage to get or what companies are trustworthy. If you do your homework and read more (…)

Gap Car Insurance Coverage

September 11, 2015

Gap Car Insurance Coverage When a person cancels their car insurance before getting a new policy, they can unwittingly cause their future rates to go up. Most people realize the main factors auto insurers use to come up with rates: car model, accident history, driving record, zip code, marital status, and age. What many people do not realize is having a gap read more (…)

Car Insurance Help

September 9, 2015

Car Insurance Help There are dozens of insurers now vying for your online insurance dollar. The smart insurance companies have been focusing on acquiring new customers over the web because that is where the customers are. Nearly 70% of consumers looking to purchase auto insurance, now start price comparison shopping online. That is a big change in the last 15 or read more (…)

Cancel Car Insurance

September 6, 2015

Cancel Car Insurance Many people think once they buy a car insurance policy, usually for six months to 1 year, that they are locked in. That is entirely wrong. The agreement you sign with the insurer can be mutually terminated. This means the insurance company can cancel your coverage without notice, or you can. An automobile policy is not like read more (…)