Whу Yоu Nееd Auto Inѕurаnсе Fоr Your Vehicle

August 21, 2016

Aѕ thе population continues tо grоw, mоrе саrѕ and drіvеrѕ hіt the hіghwауѕ. Wіth ѕо many vеhісlеѕ оn the rоаd, сrаѕhеѕ аrе inevitable. Autоmоbіlе Inѕurаnсе саn be thе dіffеrеnсе between a mіnоr іnсоnvеnіеnсе аnd a mаjоr hassle. But whу do you need іnѕurаnсе? Autо insurance is rеquіrеd by law іn all ѕtаtеѕ аnd protects уоu bу рауіng fоr dаmаgе or read more (…)

AIS Insurance Review

July 20, 2016

AIS Insurance Review AIS Insurance has a long tradition of excellence in the large California insurance market. The firm was started in 1968 and is currently headquartered in the beachside city of El Segundo. s. The company specialized in multi-line car insurance products and offered low rates that fueled growth. Despite competing with numerous larger insurers, A-I-S auto insurance is read more (…)

Cheapest Car Insurance in Nevada

April 7, 2016

Cheapest Car Insurance in Nevada If you live in the silver state and need to get your auto ins costs down, you might be wondering, who has the best rates? Finding the cheapest car insurance in Nevada takes a little digging around. Prices vary a lot based on your personal criteria, like your age, zip code, sex and driving history. read more (…)

2016 California Driver Laws

March 18, 2016

2016 California Driver laws – Good to go Americans love their cars but nowhere is the use of the automobile more popular than in California. From the beautiful coastlines on Highway 1 to the great Golden Gate Bridge, there is so much to see and discover. There are nearly 40 million residents now in this western state and almost as read more (…)

Does Aflac Sell Auto Insurance?

March 8, 2016

Does Aflac Sell Auto Insurance? Most people are familiar with the cute little Aflac duck that does wonders on popular television spots like cutting people’s hair and dancing. Since this large insurer is so well known and even has a Youtube fan base, most consumers automatically assume the company sells private auto insurance. Many people, however, are stumped finding automobile read more (…)

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa

March 1, 2016

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa – Good to go car insurance Are you in the market for new coverage or just want to see if you can lower your rates a bit? Are you curious who has the cheapest car insurance in Iowa? At good to go insurance, we can help you find the best rates anywhere, and you can read more (…)

The 5 Least Stolen Vehciles in the United States

February 26, 2016

The 5 Least Stolen Cars in the United States Tesla Model S Have you ever wondered what the 5 least stolen cars in the United States were last year? Common sense would indicate that a thief would gravitate towards a sleek Tesla Model S and not even consider a used Honda. However, like many things in life, logic is thrown out the read more (…)

Ocean Harbor Insurance, a revolutionary company

February 14, 2016

It does not matter if you select to invest in a used auto, or possibly a vehicle that is revolutionary, the price of Ocean Harbor Insurance may capture anyone uninformed. Vehicle insurance rates hinge on various aspects, and it is tough to know what your rate can be without having an expert vehicle insurance broker. A necessary point that insurance read more (…)

Should You Add Rental Car Insurance to Your Policy?

November 27, 2015

Should You Add Rental Car Insurance to Your Policy? Have you ever stepped off a plane after a long and grueling flight and just wanted to get into your airport rental as soon as possible, only to be virtually forced into buying extra rental car insurance? At many such places the clerks are overly friendly, treating you like they are read more (…)

Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life

November 23, 2015

Defensive Driving Today more than ever drivers need to be vigilant behind the wheel. It seems people are doing almost everything but paying attention to the road when driving. Have you ever been at a stop light that turns green and the car in front of you has no clue what’s going on and then you notice their thumbs are read more (…)