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how much is car insurance

If you drive a car just a few miles a week or you are a delivery driver doing over 100 miles daily, you will need car insurance. In fact, auto insurance is mandatory in each and every state. In the last 10 years, most states have increased the penalties for drivers who do not have their vehicles insured. Penalties can include having your vehicle impounded, getting your license revoked and even jail time for repeat offenders. That’s not even mentioning hefty tickets that can be as high as $1,000 in some states like California.

If you are a new driver and looking to purchase insurance for the first time or are trying to lower your car insurance costs, you need to learn how much is car insurance for the type of policy you need. You should also learn the car insurance basics that make up the bulk of an automobile insurance price quote. Here are the primary factors.

Your driving record
Car Insurance companies will insure you based upon the perceived risk you pose as a driver. The better driving record you have then the less risky you are and the lower your rates will be. The biggest factor in determining your rates will be how many at fault accidents you have had and the number of traffic violations and the severity of those infractions. For example, lets say you backed into a pole at a gas station and only caused $1,000 in damage to your vehicle. That would be considered a minor accident and although it might cause a slight spike in your insurance costs, it shouldn’t be dramatic.

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On the other hand, lets say you were driving drunk and hit a SUV and the accident caused the death of one or more persons, substantial vehicle damage, major medical claims and emotional pain and suffering. This would cause your auto insurance rates to jump dramatically and in many cases, cause you to become uninsurable. Driving safely and obeying traffic laws wherever you are not only saves lives but saves you serious money. Always remember if you get a ticket to ask the judge for traffic school so you can get the points expunged from your record.

The car you drive
The other really big factor insurers use in determining rates is the vehicle you drive. If you are in the market for a new car, research how much is car insurance for each model you are considering purchasing. Some vehicles such as Porsches and BMWs are very costly to repair and replace, so the rates will be much higher than a used Ford Fusion for example. There are several models of cars that have consistent low cost rates such as the Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy and any Volvo model. Also, expect lower rates if your vehicle has top of the line safety features such as front and side air bags, anti-lock brakes and alert monitoring systems. Lastly, if your car has a premium security device like a Lojack, you can get a big discount.

Your age
In today’s politically correct world age bias still exists for auto insurance companies. It’s just a cold hard fact that younger drivers and especially teens get in accidents more frequently. The number one cause of teen death is automobile fatalities. Teens today are seemingly more reckless than ever, texting while driving and even posting on Facebook and Twitter behind the wheel. If you are a teen and ready to start driving, get added onto your families policy and make sure you take a certified safety driving course. This alone can help teens lower rates by 20% or more. Once you get past 25 rates start to really fall. For several decades age becomes a negligible insurance factor. Rates start going up again for drivers who are 65 and older and increase a lot of those drivers who are over 80.

Marital status
Here again, car insurance companies will blatantly charge more for single, non-married drivers. The insurers always point to accident data that really proves that married people get in far fewer accidents than singles. Insurance companies use a pricing algorithm that takes this along with many other metrics into account to create your price quote. If you are about to get married, you can expect your automobile insurance rates to drop a bit.

Your zip code
Car insurance carriers have detailed accident info every zip code in the United States. Some areas are just much more dangerous to drive in. For example, it’s been reported that in Las Vegas Nevada, 40% of drivers on the weekends are driving while intoxicated. Consequently, there are more accidents in Las Vegas than other cities of similar size and you guessed it, insurance rates are a lot higher on average there. Many rural areas such as Iowa or Kansas have lower rates because there are far fewer accidents than the bigger, high traffic cities.

Your credit score
If you have a great credit score not only can you get a low rate loan but also cheap auto insurance. Good to go insurance companies deem people with higher credit scores as more responsible and less risky. This translates into safer drivers who get in fewer accidents than those with lousy scores. Check your credit at least twice a year and if possible get all the old items that are lingering on your report removed. This will help you save money on insurance and any loan you might apply for. Now that you understand the basics that go into determining how much car insurance costs are, lets look at some common myths and debunk them.

Always buy rental car insurance
Rental car companies always push the daily coverage really hard because they make most of their profit by charging nearly as much for the insurance as the car itself. Check with your credit card company and see if you have rental coverage. Chances are that you are covered and do not need to pay for this extra expense on your primary auto insurance policy or at the rental place.

Red cars cost more to insure but not with good to go insurance

This simply is not true. Conversely black cars get in far more accidents than bright red cars or yellow ones. You might get a slight increase in rates from driving a dark car but not a brightly colored one. White cars are actually the safest cars and get in the least amount of accidents.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t matter
You can really get cheaper auto insurance rates if you already have homeowners coverage. Good to go insurance firm want as much of your business as they can get and offer some awesome discounts if you bundle your coverage. Get an auto insurance quote from your homeowner insurer and tell them you are interested in a bundled rate. Chances are you can save a lot.

Now that you know how much is car insurance, it’s time to get quoted

Always remember to get as many quotes as possible so you can compare multiple rates. Have all of your personal information ready such as your car year, make, model and VIN number. Check out sites like good to go insurance today and save.

by Toni Kohonen