Car Insurance Help

car insurance help
There are dozens of insurers now vying for your online insurance dollar. The smart insurance companies have been focusing on acquiring new customers over the web because that is where the customers are. Nearly 70% of consumers looking to purchase auto insurance, now start price comparison shopping online. That is a big change in the last 15 or so years for the industry. For consumers who need car insurance help, there are three basic ways to get quotes.

Auto Insurance Quotes over the Web

There are many advantages to getting price quotations online. The main one is the ability to compare multiple rates and choose the best price among a pool of companies. Consumers also feel more in control of the auto insurance buying process. Web sites today are built for web savvy smart consumers, with the ability to change coverage amounts and add-on vehicles in a moment. Most people prefer the speed and flexibility of on-line insurers.

There is no need to drive over to an agent’s office and give over your private info when buying on the web. A person can sit in the comfort of their home or use a smartphone to check rates privately. Another benefit of web-based quotes is rate are often lower. Direct auto insurance carriers do not have to pay huge commissions to brokers and pass along those savings to customers. Companies like 21st Century automobile ins have much lower cost structures than large agent-based models like State Farm. Direct carriers also usually have the best on-line prices and are gaining more market share each year. With a free web quote, you can also check bundled rates on home and auto insurance. Get your free auto insurance help on-line and get quoted in just 5 minutes at good to go insurance.

Car Insurance Quotes from a Non-exclusive Agent

Many people go to agents to buy insurance because of the comfort factor. Lots of consumers find insurance baffling and are utterly lost as to what coverage amounts to buy. This is where agents come in. Officers are certified licensed insurance professionals, that can provide helpful advice on a wide variety of topics. There are some customers for example that might need to create a strategy for all their assets: homes, cars, businesses, etc. Agents can design complex insurance programs that are nearly impossible to do online. Another benefit is the one on one relationship. Agents can help with claims and give advice on new laws that are going into effect.

A non-exclusive agent offers insurance product lines from a group of companies. Since the agent represents multiple companies, you can get several price rates. Many people prefer this because they can compare rates better and select the best price. If you have a specialty ins situation, like ensuring additional property in another state, a non-exclusive agent is more likely to be able to get you insured. Non-exclusive pros can find solutions to almost any insurance need a customer might have.

3. Car Insurance Quotes from Exclusive Local Agents
Exclusive insurance agents only represent products from one company. Although they can only give quotations from their carrier, there are a few advantages. Exclusive agents know their companies products very well and should be able to help you build a custom policy at affordable price points. Exclusive auto insurance agents can provide discounts that might otherwise be hard to get. Many consumers call up several exclusive agents to get quotes from the companies they represent. The problem with this buying method is it takes a long time, and you might have sales people calling you back repeatedly.

Shop Around when Buying Insurance
Wherever you go to get quotes, make sure you get several. How can you be sure you are getting the lowest rates if you only get one or two quotes?  The best place go insurance comparison shopping is on the web. Go to leading portals like “Good to Go” and get the car insurance helps you need in less than five minutes. After you apply for auto insurance, you will then be matched with the lowest prices from national carriers. You can control the entire process, and there is never any obligation to buy a policy. Also, make sure you take advantage of all the discounts you qualify for. Before you agree to your policy, go over it at least once and make sure you are getting the coverage you want.