What to do after a car accident – Always call your car insurance company

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1. After a major automobile accident, it is always best to hire an attorney even if you are advised not to have one

Have you ever been in a car crash and after talking to your insurance firm they advise you that you don’t need an attorney? The insurance companies know that in most cases an aggressive attorney will push for a bigger settlement than an individual person negotiating with the car insurance company. Also, insurance companies don’t want to spend the extremely high legal costs which ensue going to court and hiring private attorneys. Insurance companies are in the bottom line business and that is to make money and not lose it. Dealing with individuals saves insurance firms millions but it is often not the best choice for you.

Many people, especially those that are low income, are tempted to take a quick payout offered by the insurance corp. The insurance representative more than likely will tell the person that going to court and fighting the offer will take months if not years to settle. In reality this is a myth as only about 5 percent of all motor vehicle accidents make it into a court room trial, according to recent stats provided by the insurance institute.

If your lawyer demands a large settlement and takes the case to court, the car insurance company knows they will have to spend some serious money and are much more inclined to settle. Always remember that when you talk to an insurance representative they have no legal obligation to inform you of your rights. However, your attorney is obligated to tell you all of your rights. Always ask your lawyer as many questions as possible and make sure he or she is open and honest about the entire legal proceedings.

2. Never wait for a settlement offer from a car insurance company before getting a lawyer

There is absolutely no law that requires you to wait around for an insurance company to make you a settlement offer prior to contacting a lawyer. After a car accident, the insurance firm is going to quickly gather as much information as possible including your accident statement, medical or hospital paperwork, police reports and all other pertinent information related to your crash.

In almost any scenario, it’s best to keep all of your info private until you consult with an attorney. By immediately contacting your attorney, they can represent you and control the process with your best interests in mind. When shopping for an attorney, make sure you ask what their fees are and what type of settlement amount is realistic given your accident. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate settlement rates. In certain clear cut accidents, a lawyer should be happy taking a 25% rate over the usual 33%.

3. The replacement value of your vehicle if it is totaled will be less than the true market cost
If your car is completely totaled in a crash, it is the legal requirement of your car insurance company to replace the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the crash. It always helps if you have kept accurate maintenance records and any upgrades of your vehicle so that you can present this to the insurance firm and get your claim processed faster.

Many people are shocked that the settlement amount offered is often below what the replacement costs of their vehicle actually is. The car insurance companies use a formula based on dealer prices in their database. Check with online sites like Autotrader.com and print out sale prices of cars similar to yours that are in the same condition with similar mileage. Next, you can show this realistic pricing info to your car insurance company representative and ask for a higher settlement amount.

4. Your auto insurance policy should cover more than the basics of car repair or replacement, medical costs, and lost wages
Many people think that they are only entitled to having their car replaced or fixed, medical bills reimbursed or income replaced. While this is true, it is also true that you may be entitled to other benefits such as pain & suffering, everyday expenses, and any changes to your normal lifestyle.

5. If your family were liable for an accident you can get a settlement and not cause them financial pain
Remember that just because your friend or family member may have caused an accident that resulted in your injuries, you can receive compensation from the their insurance company that will not effect them financially.

When you go auto insurance

In almost all cases, there are no expenses resulting from the accident that will be charged to your friend or family member. Most insurance policies have PIP or personal injury protection in them. To receive PIP benefits, call the auto insurance company that is insuring the car you were in during the crash and see what financial benefits you may qualify for.

6. If your job requires a lot of stress and driving your car insurance costs will be higher
Insurance companies keep detailed information on occupations and auto accidents. For example, have you ever been passed up by a Domino’s pizza driver at crazy speeds? There is a major correlation between stressful jobs and car insurance risks.

Those that have really stressful jobs and drive a lot are going to pay more for car insurance. In contrast, jobs that are less stressful and require little or no driving have lower car insurance premiums. In short, not only can a lower stress job help your health, but it can get you a much better auto insurance rate.

7. If you’re married and have dependents we will lower your insurance premiums
Those drivers who are married with kids pay a much lower premium because they are deemed less risky. Married persons are more careful in general because they have people who count on them and take less risks while driving.

8. Shop every 6 months for a lower premium because we will never tell you about our new rates

If you are a good, safe driver you may be paying way too much for auto insurance. In most cases, if you have had a clean driving record for three or more years, you can get substantial savings.

Your current car insurance company most likely will not tell you this

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Posted by: Mr.Tony Kohonen