Car Insurance for College Students

car insurance for college student
With college tuition costs skyrocketing in recent years and a post-grad precarious job market, students need to save on whatever they can while in school. For those young people with cars, getting car insurance for students can be super costly. It is expensive because while rates have gone up for the general public, they have proportionately increased more for younger drivers. While youngsters have always been hit hard by insurers, in recent years, rates imposed on this group of drivers has gone from bad to worse. With so many teen and young adult drivers texting and using their smartphones on the road, accidents have increased quite a bit. Traffic fatalities are the number one killer of teens, accounting for over 3,000 annual deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

If you are going off to college, you might want to skip the idea of driving altogether. Lots of kids get rides with friends, use city transportation like buses and others get along fine with bicycles. However, many college students need a car because they work off campus and have a tight schedule to keep or visit home regularly. There are some proven methods for getting cheap college car insurance, so lets’s delve in and go over a few.

1. Get and Keep a Good Grade Average (GPA).
Insurers associate responsibility with lower risk; it is that simple. Numerous studies show that responsible people who make good decisions in their private life are much less likely to drive recklessly. There is a correlation with good grades and lower accidents. So if you have a GPA of a B or higher, you can usually save 10% or more on premiums. You can qualify for this discount if you are currently enrolled in college up until the age of 25. If you are slacking a bit academically, get your grades up and get cheaper college auto insurance.

2. Drive a car that is Cheap to Insure.
If you are a student on a budget and need automobile insurance, get a vehicle that is cheaper to insure. This is one of the biggest factors in getting insured for less. Boring cars like Toyota Camry’s or almost any Subaru will get you insured for a lot less. Stay away from sports cars that could easily cost you 50% or more to ensure. Another good tip for students is to stay on your parents policy.

You will still be insured but won’t pay nearly as much if you went out and got an independent policy. Also, if you are a student who will be leaving your car at home and your campus is more than 100 miles away, you can get special low rates. This is because the car will only be driven on rare occasions like holidays and summer breaks, so insurers have special discounts available for these student drivers.

3. Don’t drive too much.
An easy way for college students to get cheaper insurance is by driving less. If you drive less than 500 miles per month, you can save 20% or more on premiums. Many students walk and bike around campus during the weekdays and only use a vehicle on the weekends. This can lower your cost of insurance and help you afford your wheels.

4. Be a Safe Driver.
Young drivers, especially males, are prone to risky driving like racing. If you get caught driving recklessly, you can see your rates skyrocket. Even worse, if a student gets convicted of a DUI, their rates can double or become uninsurable. The best way for college students to keep their rates low is to drive safely and have a clean driving record, which can save you up to 40%.

5. Take a Defensive Driving Class and Save.
Probably the easiest class you can take while in college is a defensive driving class. These classes are interesting and often given by Highway Patrol officers who share common sense strategies of driving defensively. You should be able to get certified in just a couple of days, and the lessons you learn just might save your life. Once you complete the class by a certified instructor, you can save 10% or more.

6. Shop Online for the Cheapest Student Auto Insurance.
If you are a young student, you probably do almost everything online, so go out and search the web for cheap college car insurance. Most comparison sites will give you multiple quotes and help you build a custom policy online. Start saving now with a free quote.