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car and home insuranceAnyone who owns both a car and home realize they need to get each insured, but many people don’t realize they could get significant savings by combining their coverage with one insurer. Let’s take a close-up look at this easy way to save on insurance and important coverage options that you should familiarize.

The most obvious reason to bundle both car and home insurance together is cost savings. Most people shop separately for auto insurance and then go on searching for a cheap home insurance policy. However, most online sites like this one, allow customers to get bundled rate quotes for both homeowners and vehicle coverage.

Not only do you save a lot of time but you can expect to save about 20% – which can add up. Most people spend around $400 a month on average with these two insurance costs. In this case, just by shopping for bundled coverage, you could save almost $1,000 annually. If you have a home and multiple cars to insure, it only makes sense to get a bulk discount. While you might get a cheaper individual auto or home rate with different insurers, you will almost always find that bundling your coverage together will get you the lowest rates available. Get a free online quote at and let us do all the hard work for you.

Why do Insurers offer Bundled Discounts?

The American insurance market is a fierce one with hundreds of insurance providers fighting for your business. Most people tend to stay with one insurer, provided they have a decent experience and good rates, for an average of 10 years or more. Insurance corporations know this, and they want as much of your insurance business as they can get and for as long as possible. On bundled home and automobile insurance, offering discounted rates, companies can increase profits by getting more of your insurance dollar. For bundled policy of 20% or more, offering discounts, companies can still make a profit. Do you know how? You probably know, it is because they are getting paid on multiple policy types and the likelihood that both an auto and home claim occurs in the same year is scarce.

Benefits of bundling Auto and Home Insurance

* Savings: As noted above, most consumers can expect to save about $1,000 yearly on their combined home and automobile coverage just by bundling. If you like saving money, then it only makes sense to go this route when shopping for coverage.

* Simplicity: Combining your insurance with one provider is so much easier. Most insurers will send you one bill for both policies and allow you to make just one payment, often online with a few clicks of the mouse. In most cases, you can even set-up automatic payments, which are even easier. So not only do you save money by combining your policies together into one but time as well.

You should be aware however that bundling is not always available.

For example, you might have an antique car that is 60 years old that your insurer just will not cover. Likewise, you might have home insurance with a company and try to bundle your auto coverage, only to find out that due to a D.U.I or other past issues, your vehicle coverage is denied. Check rates now to see how much you can save on bundling.

Get Coverage with a Top Rated Provider

Getting your combined auto and home insurance coverage with a quality insurer, is just as important, if not more than pricing. After all, what is a cheap policy really worth if the company goes bankrupt and cannot payout on your claim. Of course, this is why it is important to do your due diligence on any insurer you are thinking of doing business with. Always check the companies financial strength by going to rating sites such as A.M. Best. Rating sites evaluate insurers financial health in an unbiased way and give grades much like schools, from A+ down to failing. It is highly recommended only to get a policy with insurers who have financial ratings of B or higher.

Car and Home Insurance Quotes

Finding bundled automobile and home insurance online is fast and easy. Just go to premium sites like and
Let the insurers fight for your business. We will not only get you the cheapest bundling rates online, but help you qualify for special discounts that can save you even more money. In fact, our customers save an average of $500 shopping for insurance through our free service. Get started right away and start comparing rates in just 5 minutes.